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    Platies Creating Bubbles With Mouths?

    No, not swimbladder. Just the way they show their personality. Only need to be careful for when they discover how to spash. Of course, the splash of platies is nothing compared to the splash of full grown goldies...
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    Platies Creating Bubbles With Mouths?

    My goldies do that when they want attention.
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    Platies Creating Bubbles With Mouths?

    Do you use test strips or a liquid test kit? Sometimes they do that. Just make sure you keep the water healthy.
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    Bump On Tetra's Caudal Peduncle

    Can you post a picture? It could be a genetic issue. How long have you had the tetra?
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    Water Changes In Uncycled Hospital Tank

    Tough situation. What type of meds are you using? When a tank is cycling, usually you'd want to do daily water changes. When using meds, you may not want to do the frequent water changes because part of the method of medicating is to slowly build up the meds in the water. Doing frequent water...
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    Is it the white bump on the edge of his fin? My fish get those on occasion. No need to medicate or quarantine. Just make sure you keep the water as healthy as possible and keep an eye on it. In the 20 years I've been fishkeeping, I've seen plenty of those little bumps. I never figured out...
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    Normal Healing Or Unusual?

    I have not seen that before, but if it isn't damaging the tissue and the tail is growing, it could be just healing. I would just keep the water as perfect as possible and keep an eye on it.
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    Possible Eggs?

    Those do look like assassin snail eggs. Congrats!
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    Swim Bladder Problem

    I hope all goes well. Keep us informed.
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    Swim Bladder Problem

    I generally don't recommend any salt or chemicals until figuring out what the cause is. It usually causes unnecessary stress which can weaken the fish and make them susceptible to more problems. Peas can cause gas which you may want to avoid, but they do help make things move. I would go with...
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    Swim Bladder Problem

    What food do you use and have they changed their recipe? How long have you had her?
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    Co2 Not Co2?

    Glad to hear all is working out. See ya 'round!
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    Mollie Fish Help

    Oftentimes, when a fish becomes pale, it is due to stress. At this point, keep an eye on her. Not only is she fighting the fungus, but the stress can also weaken her immune system. If she'll eat it, you may want to try giving her some garlic to help keep her immune system strong.
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    Swim Bladder Problem

    Hi GopiPriya and welcome to Fishlore! I'm sorry to hear your mollie is a bit under the weather. Can you give us some details about the size tank, temperature, how often the water is changed, the test readings of the water and if anything changed in the past week or so? Any information about her...
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    Need Help Choosing Plants For New Aquarium

    Hi OneEvilChicken and welcome to Fishlore! You can add the plants at any time. The types of plants depend on the look you want. The amount also depends on if you are willing to add CO2. You might want to add plants like Anacharis, Anubias, Java Fern or Wisteria as those are all easy and can...

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