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    Happy community mwah
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    Just chilling
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    My two year old take better pics then me !
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    Happy Betta community
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    My Betta fish community
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    Advice On Bubble Nest

    I did ... They are all back in the community tank now happy days
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    Rescue Betta Advice

    Well if he is happy he is happy !! I think gouramI are from same family so that's maybe why they kicked off... And as for the tetra probably a more peaceful kind would have gone better .. but they are happy to be alone Bettas and also you can teach them tricks mine jump out the water now it's...
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    Rescue Betta Advice

    That's maddnes !!
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    Rescue Betta Advice

    What fish was he in with ?? They are funny about who they are in with mines in with some corydoras and a few tetras. Doesn't like the pleco I found. Leave your hand in the tank with food on it they soon learn to come get cuddles !! He is a beautiful colour !! Here's my boy it's an old picture...
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    Advice On Bubble Nest

    Ok so just an update ... He ate the eggs soon after and destroyed the nest... Maybe not a daddy to be ?? He is still young .. he such a gentleman.. thought he would be a great dad. I have only ever had one other male that was good in the community tank . At least I'm prepared if I do ever end...
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    Advice On Bubble Nest

    I have a jar waiting .... As much on food would be great !! I kind of hate the idea of flea and and blood sucking thing !! So they lose eggs as they move the nest ?? Not really a bad thing I'm hoping not too many fry but am prepared for the lot lol also she is an older female . And I was...
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    Advice On Bubble Nest

    I am ready to .... I have had happy community tanks for as long as I have had Betta fish and I do separate as a time out for the females as I find it works ... But the question was about the bubble nest ... But it's not needed now as I have found out they can mate without as they just have and...
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    Unexpected Death

    Sorry for your loss may he swim in the great river
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    Advice On Bubble Nest

    They eat well all the time really they get live blood worms and black worms as well as pellets and . The tank is bare with his hammock leaf and some ornaments for hiding as well as an almond leaf.. . The female is in a tank next door where they can see eachother aswell as a little tank in his...
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    Betta Turning Grey And Lethargic

    I did some research when mine had velvet it's this oodium hope I spelt it right. There many types of this disease it is deadly if untreated. It's worth looking into I'm not a specialist just a Betta mum myself. But also I found with many disease it's worth putting the temperature up a little for...
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