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    Happy community mwah
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    Wow a real Betta girl would love to see pics ! They sound beautiful !!gunga sounds amazing !
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    Oh I'm so sorry !! And well you have now learnt a lesson so it wasn't all in vain and I always try to treat them first some are stronger then others and make it through. .what fish have you got now ?
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    Its on your profile
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    I have to say you have very pretty girls I love the colour!
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    I have three femal Betta and one male . Two corydoras and one pleco also 12 tetra black and neon . I also have On male in a separate tank too . The plants I have a mix of plastic and live because I'm not very good at the upkeep with them lol . Thank you the male was a fish I bought as a female...
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    Love his colour !!
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    Just chilling
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    Thank you it's about 2 and half ft
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    My two year old take better pics then me !
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    Happy Betta community
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    My Betta fish community
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    Advice On Bubble Nest

    I did ... They are all back in the community tank now happy days
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    Rescue Betta Advice

    Well if he is happy he is happy !! I think gourami are from same family so that's maybe why they kicked off... And as for the tetra probably a more peaceful kind would have gone better .. but they are happy to be alone Bettas and also you can teach them tricks mine jump out the water now it's...
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    Rescue Betta Advice

    That's maddnes !!

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