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    My Little Pond

    Well, I have cats and they have not bothered the fish but they do go to the pond to drink. It was very easy to do. I have a blog post about it if anyone wants to message me for the link.
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    My Little Pond

    I made a little pond in my back yard. Still have to fill in plants around it but it will eventually look nicer. I got fish for it today...probably too many but my friend has a much bigger pond that I can move them to if I need to.
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    Im new and always learning!

    I know exactly how you feel. There is a lot of good advice here but sometimes I just go with what I actually see or have learned from experience. I would love to see a picture of your tank
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    i just lost 2 :(

    How exactly did you lose two?
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    How to clean and place Java Moss

    I'd wash it off with tank water from your own tank, look for hitch hikers and that's it.
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    Snail Infestation- the First Wave!

    Well, you could get some assassins but just keep in mind they are snails too and they'll breed and make more as well. When I had too many in my tank , I picked a lot of them out, got a couple of loaches and did feed less and now I still have snails but they are not out of control. I have never...
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    Inspiration from nature

    Ok, those NH photos were dearly needed from this girl who is originally from NH (Etna and Danbury) and hasn't been home in 22 years. Not sure it will help me with my fish but it sure does help me
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    Plants growing better on one side of the tank

    Maybe some natural light from a window or whatever hits the tank on that side?
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    Something is slowly killing all my fish!!!

    Keep in mind if you have city water that they often use chemicals to make it "safe". I once had all my fish die that I had had for a long time with no issues. I quit having an aquarium for a long time after that until I finally realized that it was the same time the city was sending us out...
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    Angelfish Spawn!

    Mine have had eggs 4 times now, they at the first three batches of fry as soon as they were free swimming and the 4th batch of eggs they ate the second day after the laid them. I actually think they have another batch again in behind the plants (since they are always back there) but I don't have...
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    Unnatural Tank Designs vrs Traditional Planted Aquariums

    I definitely like my tanks natural.
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    I'm so discouraged.

    I have never quarantined and never had a problem. It may not be the fish you bought but your tank.
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    47 gallon planted tank

    Very nice. I really wanted to know because it didn't look that big in the pictures but I knew it had to be bigger than the 24 gallon. You have really done a great job with it. Are there more plants planned for it in the future? (I'm rather big on plants, lol).
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    My Aquarium and Inhabitants

    This person said the tank had been "cycled" for 4 days but that the water had been cloudy for 2 weeks. What are you using to test the water?
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    My angel fish always eat their babies

    OK,they have a new batch of fry. I have only managed to save about 4 from the last batch, the rest have died. I never got the danio out of the tank but I am being very careful. The tank is in the spare room and I only open the door when I absolutely have to go in or to feed them. They have been...
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