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    How to get filter pump to stop buzzing?

    My bad. I was thinking air pump. ‍♀️
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    How to get filter pump to stop buzzing?

    I usually put mine on a piece of foam, like thick yoga mat. If that’s not enough I fold up a hand towel and put the pump on that. If it was always quiet before maybe it’s just time for a new pump, idk... I’ve only been in the hobby for a few years so haven’t had one wear out yet...
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    30 Gallon Tank How soon can I add fish after adding cycled media?

    I’m guessing they’re small since they’re only in a 3 gallon tank. In that case I’d add them and just keep a careful eye on parameters. You could use Stability, Safe Start or other beneficial bacteria additive too. I would think since you have the gravel and decor from previous tank, as well as...
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    Help Sex this Severum.

    Watching I would like to determine sex of mine as well
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    75 Gallon Tank Fish questions

    My angelfish only bother other angelfish. I have a school of black neon tetras and they are left alone. live only had 3 angels though so not sure it applies to them as a rule. Maybe just my 3 don’t/didn’t care about other fish. I have bristlenose and clown plecos and all are fine with Cory...
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    New Fish Stocking!!

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures!
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    New Aquarist

    You could ask if the store you got it from will take it back. If you lived near me I’d take it. I have a 75 gallon Mbuna tank
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    Female kribensis with 1 ram and pearl gourami.

    I would try it. I’d keep the extra tank running for a bit in case it doesn’t work out, but it sounds like the male Krib is your only aggressive fish. Putting him with a school of tetras sounds good - I don’t think he’d bother them except maybe at feeding time
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    Best way to cut sponge cube for pre-filter?

    Does anyone have suggestions as to the easiest w in the cube so I can slide it over the intake as a pre-filter? I would guess a hot-knife? Or just scissors? [I made my own prefilters out of Poret foam blocks. It wasn’t exactly easy way but I took a drill bit almost the size of the intake tube...
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    Need Help- Little African Cichlid Beat Up, Maybe Dying

    Yes, he was dead this morning. I took the bully and put him in the Sterilite this morning. I’ll figure out what to do with him after work. Cichlids are very difficult. I love their big personalities but that’s also a big problem. Thank you so much for your advice and empathy. I appreciate it
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    Need Help- Little African Cichlid Beat Up, Maybe Dying

    Well I guess that’s good news; apparently if the swim bladder is damaged (not constipated) it’s hopeless I’m embarrassed that I don’t even know where the swim bladder is. Just know the words ‍♀️
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    Questions For The Many Fish Keepers

    Your Bettas are beautiful
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    Need Help- Little African Cichlid Beat Up, Maybe Dying

    I think I see red on his belly like internal damage but never really looked there before so idkI tried to post video but couldn’t
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