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    Question keeping good bacteria alive duing rain fall?

    I have huge rains here in Florida and none of them have affected by bacteria levels that I know of. I actually rely on them for water changes in the pond during the summer. Also I have an absolutely humungous bio filter (nexus)
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    Parrots Feather

    sweet pic, thanks for it.
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    Preformed pond?

    tana is right about what type of plastic regarding freeze thaw... I overlooked it living in semi-tropics. my bad. I seem to have forgotten how to be Canadian.
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    Preformed pond?

    ;D first of all... go for it with the pond, they are the most rewarding zen tranquility experience available. while I prefer to make a pond with a liner, there are lots of preformed ponds out there and kidney bean seems to be the most popular shape. I have never seen any color other...
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    Great neighbors!

    I am with lynda on this one (although she would hate MY outdoor cats). similar situation... I moved in my house a year and a half ago and have not even met all my next door neighbors let alone my neighborhoodconsidering how I grew up in rural and urban nova scotia I find this an intersting...
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    Mosquito larvae good fish food??

    as a resident of south Florida, I am apalled at the thought of intentionally raising mosquitos. I have plenty as it is. having said that my pond fry exist on little else than larvae as their protein source and they have been growing at an astonishing rate. likewise my 90 gallon tank had a...
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    Hurricane Season

    thanks for the reminders everyone... as a resident of south Florida, I take hurricane season very seriously. Preparation is key. Water and power are very important. Lucky for me, my company has several generators for field work so I am good. I am looking to install a small solar bank for...
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    savagenest pond... we have achieved balance!

    yay yay yay... new cameras have arrived... played with the waterproof one last night... cool pics to come. I will be writing the saga of the pond this weekend, from conception to completion. with pics and hopefully a video or two. thanks for all the comments and your patience.
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    90 Gallon Tank it was SUPPOSED to be a hospital tank

    yay! my new cameras have arrived... will be able to post better pics now.. and I will try to tell the saga of this tank as well. thank you for your patience. I will try to post more this weekend.
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    Help Goldfish: Common or Comet?

    personally I prefer comets and shubunkin, but I agree with jaysee... ponds for large goldfish. I hate cramping my fish
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    Schooling fish for a 20 Long?

    personally I love my pristella tetras with their little flag fins
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    Loads of pics of the pond and fish :D

    home-made filter? I am a waterworks geek, love to see the different ways people set up plumbing
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    help im so sad

    you say you fed it worms from the garden... have you ever used pesticides in your garden?
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    Loads of pics of the pond and fish :D

    beautiful fish, they look happy. what are you using as filter?
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    Waterfall build

    it looks like it will be very nice... I am glad to see you taking the time to get it just the way you want it. I personally can't stand seeing my liner in a pond and built the waterfall to carefully conceal it. Can't wait to see the finished product

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