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    Question About Tank Swim Space (betta)..

    Hello, I have a 10 gallon tank with one betta fish. I have had this fish over one year now, and saved him from deaths door more than once due to ammonia poisoning. He is thriving right now, and seems really happy, always makes bubble nests, and interacts with us when we approach the tank. My...
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    Dwarf Gourami Acting Funny

    I think he's dead. He's laying on the tank floor now barely breathing. Not sure what I can do since I don't have a spare tank besides a 5.5 Gal that one betta is in.
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    Dwarf Gourami Acting Funny

    He's been in the tank about 6 months, nothing new at all. The 2 gouramis were the last things I added. Not really, but his coloring is darker than usual. Haven't seen the poop in awhile.
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    Dwarf Gourami Acting Funny

    I have a 20 gal with tetras and 2 dwarf gourami's. One of them is totally normal, swims around, eats food, and is all over the tank. As of the last few days/week I've noticed my other one has been sitting at the surface a lot, seems really bloated and isn't swimming around and being as active as...
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    Do My Bettas Have Fin Rot?

    really hard to get a good picture because he's flapping his fins while I'm trying to take the picture, I'm at work right now but I'll take some tonight and post them up
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    Do My Bettas Have Fin Rot?

    I have two Betta fish. One is in a 10 gallon and we have had him since June. The tanks cycled and I do 30%-50% water changes every 1 or 2 weeks. My other Betta we have in a 5.5 gallon and had him since maybe August or September. Both tanks have 0 ammonia ppm, 0 nitrite, 5ppm nitrates. I keep...
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    Breeding Bettas In A 10 Gallon

    I'd imagine you'd have a hard time selling Betta fish because they are so common and cheap. Probably would end up costing more to breed and house than you'd be able to make in return. If you are serious about breeding, look into Discus or something that sells.
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    Urgent Severe Dropsy!! :(

    I found this thread about salt baths at: Good luck
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    My Tanks All Setup

    Just some pics of my tanks. Thank you to everyone on this forum for all the help. I started with 1 Betta in a tiny bowl and he was laying on the bottom of the tank and rapidly trying to get air, pretty much was white and dead. Now he's healthy and doing great in his 10 gallon. 55gal 20gal...
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    Is My Filter Providing Air As Well?

    Take the pelco fish to your local pet's store and ask if they'll take him free, a mom and pop store should have no problem with it. Good luck with your Betta
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    2 Dwarf Gourami

    all of the tetra family
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    2 Dwarf Gourami

    I have 2 males no problems. I have them in a 20 high with a bunch of other fish and there's 0 aggression in my tank. You will be fine my dude, some people say they fight but they're the most chill fish I ever owned. My Long-Skirt tetra's nip eachother these Dwarf Gourami's just look for food all...
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    How To Clean Tank After Sick Fish Dies

    if ur cycle is still ok I would just do 50% water change and call it a day. If you see more fish die, then I'd be alarmed.
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    Stocking Ideas For 20 Gallon High

    This is solid advice. Why only 1 dwarf though? Mine do fine together, and most people have 2 or more together..anyway this is a solid stocking options, it'll give some beautiful looking fish
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    10 Gallon Cycle Questions

    Yes you can still do the mod
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