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    Going through a bad patch

    Just needing to get it all out. My younger sister died August 12. Since she is out of state and she never said anything, I didn't even know she was as sick as she was until her death. She was our mothers care giver. Me and my youngest sister started out on the over 16 hour drive to get our...
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    Are 12 Corydoras too many for 26 gallon tank?

    In my case, the tank that has the albinos also has larger fish that find the cory eggs too tempting of a treat. My rescue brat angel being the main one, he actually follows the female as she lays her eggs (got to give the angels credit, they are difficult in personality but smart, I swear I can...
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    Just added some plants

    Hope it goes well for you. I have only recently become a huge fan of the planted tank and I'll never go back to plastic. This is coming from an old lady who has been keeping aquatic life for over 50 years. I can't believe I wasted all those years with plastic plants. Since I started with...
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    Are 12 Corydoras too many for 26 gallon tank?

    I am now up to 19 albino cory's in my 55 gallon because my first venture into hatching the eggs and then growing out the fry worked much to my surprise. And while I told myself to stop, I now find myself looking to see if I can snatch more eggs before they get eaten because I know I can have...
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    Advice for adding fish to an established tank?

    Lol, I have 7 tanks. Each tank is unique in residents. Granted 2 of those tanks are 10 gallons, one to grow out and hopefully breed panda corys and the other 10 gallon is currently acting as a maternity tank for molly's but started as a grow out tank for albino cory fry I hatched, so I kind of...
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    Hello from Eastern Ontario!

    WELCOME!!!! You have come to a great place for info and support. Oh boy are you ever right in how things have changed, but tor the better. And this is coming from an old lady who has been doing this for over 50 years. 20 gallons is a nice size tank to start with, I have 3, 2 highs and 1...
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    Substrate for planted tank

    As stated, java ferns and anubias do not want to be planted and I do keep both in my planted tanks. Love them for the variety and ease of moving where I want when the urge hits me. I just find a nice rock or piece of wood and super glue them on. Once they start to grow they tend to attach...
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    Seed Shrimp

    Good to hear, was really hoping to hear that they can stay, I like the little bugger, they add extra interest to the tank.
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    Going to be a whole lot of work!

    A new tank should always be cleaned out first because most have an open top at the lfs and who knows what has drifted into it. Plus there always seems to be splashes of silicon here and there on the glass, adhesive from what ever the manufacturer attached to the tank, in my case, samples of...
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    Seed Shrimp

    Where do they come from? And do I need to worry about them? All of a sudden, and totally out of the blue, my red shrimp tank has a large population of seed shrimp. The tank has been going a couple years and has nothing new in it, so I have no idea where they came from much less how I ended...
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    5 Gallon Tank HOB or corner sponge filter?

    I'm going to speak as an old lady who has been in this hobby for over 50 years. It was only recently I rediscovered that the old ways, aka, sponge filters, have been around this long for a recent. Now only my 55 gallon has hob filters along with sponge filters for the simple reason, it's...
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    Switching substrate

    I'm kind of going with Darth in that you should use the current gravel in some way for the simple reason, it's already full of beneficial bacteria which needs to be seeded into the new sand and he did give you good advice. If I was in your shoes, I would put a layer of the old gravel down...
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    Moving tank

    I just did close to what you are talking about if you want to check out my thread, going to a whole lot of work, in the fresh water tank build forum. In my case I did it from replacing an old tank with a new one, but it will still work with just moving a tank. And the old tank had been moved...
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    Advice for adding fish to an established tank?

    You are in a good place, a nice size tank that already has a good start and plenty of good advice. This is the part I enjoy the most, figuring out the look I want, the research, the planning, the actual work to make the vision come to life and then being able to enjoy YOUR own personal work of...
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    Going to be a whole lot of work!

    Thank you. Just wish I had more energy when I did it to get rid of those blasted nerite snail eggs. I love the look and cleaning abilities of the nerites and the non producing thing is also a big time plus since I have a problem with other snails over populating, but I sure hate having those...
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