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    Hello Again!

    D'aw....thx guys!
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    Funny Gangnam style

    I've been hearing that song everywhere, so I really want to learn the dance XD I'd love to request it on the radio one day while I'm at work when things are slow and show everyone a thing or two lol.
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    Yellow water issue

    Haha, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who picks up my fish XD I prefer it to netting them if they're calm enough. My bf's family has a large outdoor pond that used to house beautiful goldfish, but also, that is a pond, just to give you the idea of how large fair goldfish can get. My rule is...
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    Hello Again!

    They're so itty bitty! I can't get good ones. Don't ramshorns have the straight spirals though? These have the kinda oblong spirals. Also, do they breed prolifically?
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    Hello Again!

    Hello everyone! It's been a very long time, I know. Well, since then I have said goodbye to me lovely bettas, they died in good health, just old age I guess. I took good care of them, and I'd like to think they were happy My red wags had two..."litters"? "clutches"? Anyway I've got a few baby...
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    WANTED:Plants in the Philly Area!

    So I'm looking for more plants to throw in my tank! Freebies would be awesome from Fishlorians in the Philly area, but whatever I can get works too! Any offers?
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    Well....tornado warnings had us ducking for cover in the basement. My dormroom is small, and I "boarded" my window the best I could with cardboard and duct tape (my tank is in a window that doesnt get direct sunlight, no algae problems and temp is stable) and I'm hoping for the best. I'm not...
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    Hey, haven't been on in awhile I know But hey, with this hurricane heading up the east coast, with the potential to knock some stuff around, can we go over emergency planning for our little fishy friends?
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    Anyone want to help me decide on a pair of shoes?

    First pair, hands down
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    Please help me save these bettas

    +1 Emerson!
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    Oh! The algae!

    where can I get them?
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    Oh! The algae!

    Ok, so suddenly for the past 3 months I've been dealing with algae, and after thinking I finally had it beat, it came back. Well, it's the green stringy algae, like the kind in my bf's koi pond, so I know it's not harmful. It just wont grow in an attractive way. If it did, I wouldn't have a...
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    This makes me mad!

    However, the pharmacy would have a boatload of anitbiotics
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    Lol I'm away on vacation for 5 days, someone should be feeding them, I hope to everything he doesn't gnaw his tail off XD
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    You've never seen my DT

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