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  1. What A Difference One Month Can Make, Fins Are Growing Back Nicely!

    What a cutie! It's so great to see how much better he's doing under your care
  2. Looking For Advice

    Are you looking at putting all of those different species of tetras together? I wouldn't recommend that if so. Just stick to one-three different kinds of mid-level schooling fish. I also would not recommend keeping multiple Bettas, no matter their gender, together. It's worked for some, but it's...
  3. King Betta

    I definitely know what you're talking about when it comes to their sociability! Mine is extremely interactive!
  4. King Betta

    Oh wow, thanks for all that information! I've been having a hard time finding a whole lot of information about them online.
  5. King Betta

    Oh good! I was worried that their larger size would change some things.
  6. King Betta

    For the past few months, I've noticed my local Petco stocking a type of Betta that I had never seen or heard of before: King Bettas. I was immediately enthralled with their large size and interactivity, but I never had space for one. On Monday, however, I went to Petco to look around and saw...
  7. Favorite Types Of Dogs

    Thanks! It was the only one we could find that could actually fit her :hilarious:
  8. Favorite Types Of Dogs

    I love greyhounds! This is my girl, Flying Capernaum (Cappie for short).
  9. 1 Axalotl In A 20 Gal. High?

    I've seen axolotls close to a foot long, so I'm going to say that a 10-gallon is much too small for an adult. For their tank, I would recommend getting a filter with a gph of a least 10 times the tank's volume (like a 200 gph for a 20-gallon tank).
  10. 1 Axalotl In A 20 Gal. High?

    An adult axolotl will need a 20-long. As for substrate, fine-grain sand or bare-bottom will be just fine. They also need strong filtration due to how messy they can be.
  11. Question What Could Go With Yellow Phantom Tetras?

    It seems fully stocked, if not overstocked, as it is. I wouldn't add any more fish.
  12. I Think My Female Hippies Are Pregnant!

    If they've been with a male, then they're most definitely pregnant.
  13. Chinese Water Dragon Questions

    From what I've read it seems like basilisks (specifically green basilisks it seems) aren't that much smaller than Chinese water dragons and need enclosures at least 3'x3'x4'.
  14. Chinese Water Dragon Questions

    I can't tell you much about their care, but I do know that that enclosure would be way too small for a fully-grown Chinese water dragon. The enclosure size that I've seen most commonly recommended for a single adult is 6'x3'x5-6'.
  15. Question What Kind Of Reptile Can Be Comfortably Housed In A 20-long?

    There are tons of options for 20-longs! A few that I can think of are leopard geckos, gargoyle/crested geckos (if you didn't mind converting it vertically), western hognose snakes (male as females usually need larger tanks), or Kenyan sand boas (male as well). These are all considered to be...

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