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    29 Gallon Tank Considering some coral options!

    Try some Monti caps. I've been fairly successful with them and they look really cool.
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    Have I killed my shrimp tank? D:

    I'm sorry that really sucks.
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    My roommate brought this home for his saltwater tank this week... Creepy.

    You can mix any invertebrates that won't consider each other a food source in an aquarium. Mantis Shrimp and Bobbit Worms will attack other invertebrates and fish. Salinity should be between 1.021-1.025 for really any invertebrate.
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    Help crab identification

    Did you find out what kind of crab that is?
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    What is this

    I would just pull it out of the tank.
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    Important Clownfish vomited food after using Seachem Garlic Guard?

    That's really funny that the blue tang would do that.
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    First tank inhabitant

    Looks like a stomatella snail. If it is, they are beneficial because they eat algae.
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    Good Saltwater starter fish

    Maybe you could check out little gobies like the Clown Goby or a Neon Goby. Having a Cleaner Shrimp is always beneficial because of their scavenging abilities. Fire fish are great beginner fish but they are known to be notorious jumpers.
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    Question LED Frag Tank lighthing

    I'm feeling confident with "Build My LED" for a frag tank light. Once I upgrade my aquarium to a 90+ Gallons, that's when I'm going to get some nice LEDs like Cree because of their penetration. Did you buy a premade fixture or did make your own? I'm not too knowledgeable about LEDs but I think...
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    silly, unreal, tank combos

    I've bagged up your 6 Koi, 8 Clown Loaches and 1 Mystery Snail... You want to get a couple of Oscars? Excellent choice sir for a 10 Gallon. No refunds.....
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    Question LED Frag Tank lighthing

    I was thinking about going with "Build My LEDs" because they are local but does wattage matter vs the two? My halide is rated 250 watts compared to the 25-35 watts. A 20 gallon long is only 12 or 13 inches deep but is ("Build My LEDs") strong enough for the corals I want to grow?
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    Question LED Frag Tank lighthing

    I want to start a 20 gallon Long frag tank, I just bought the skimmer for it and now I'm looking into appropriate lighting that will look good and help stimulate good growth for corals. I will definitely be trying to grow Zoanthids, various Leathers and Mushrooms (ricordea and smooth). I would also...
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    Mantis shrimp vs rubiks cube

    Wait is the video real?
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    Howdy All from Texas

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    How many bettas do you own?

    I maintain about 60+ Bettas at the store I work at. I'm the only one who feeds them and cleans out their cups.

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