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    What To Do With A 2g Cube?

    A 2 gallon is a death trap for most fish and would be pretty difficult to maintain. Maybe a short term home for a single Betta.
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    What are these white growths on the Tetra's fin?

    It is really hard to tell. It could be just how the fish is or battle wounds.
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    Might be moving up to a 20 gallon.

    I might be getting a friends fish tank with fish that he doesn't want anymore. I will be adding the fish I have to the all ready established group. Its a really big 20 gallon pretty tall.
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    Wondering what everyone looks like?

    Heres what a Atomicfish looks like.
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    Does this look betta safe or too rough? If too rough how can I improve it?

    Hope the hole is big enough on both ends. I once had a fish get stuck and die in a decoration.
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    Aggressive Platy

    Its a male Platy. If the other ones are female it could be trying to mate. If not it could just be trying to establish territory. As far as I know these fish are not usally aggressive.
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    What is this any ideas

    Do you know if you have male and female fish? It could be a lot of eggs.
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    Tiger Barbs dying off, fast!

    Hmm the mystery of the dying tiger barbs... if they are dying that fast something has to be off maybe they got A illness.
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    High PH! HELP!!

    Some places just have naturally high Ph water. I was told not to mess with that when I did my tank. Most fish are adaptable unless it’s a really sensitive fish.
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    Outrageous!! Betta breeding with over 458 baby bettas

    Wow that is a lot of babies
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    Bolivian ram temps

    My experience is that fish prefer a temperature that is pretty stable. The average temp setting is 78 to 80.
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    How often to squeeze out moss balls?

    Marimo balls are cute. Mine moved from the 5 gallon to the 10. I don’t have a betta anymore but I think my other fish like it.
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    Coworker Needs Advice On Bullying Angel

    Angels are Cichlids I know that much but I have never seen one be aggressive or kill anything. They usually are the ones getting picked on by nippy fish do to there long fins and feelers.
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    What The Heck Is This?

    I’m not a fish illness person but I have to agree that it looks like a parasite.
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    Yikes! All My Fish Are On One Side Of The Tank..

    Hmm you have really perplexed me too on this one. Guppies are usually a pretty hardy fish and you said that you keep loosing them so something has to be up with your tank.
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