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    Question How often to squeeze out moss balls?

    Marimo balls are cute. Mine moved from the 5 gallon to the 10. I don’t have a betta anymore but I think my other fish like it.
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    Coworker Needs Advice On Bullying Angel

    Angels are Cichlids I know that much but i have never seen one be aggressive or kill anything. They usually are the ones getting picked on by nippy fish do to there long fins and feelers.
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    What The Heck Is This?

    I’m not a fish illness person but i have to agree that it looks like a parasite.
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    Yikes! All My Fish Are On One Side Of The Tank..

    Hmm you have really perplexed me too on this one. Guppies are usually a pretty hardy fish and you said that you keep loosing them so something has to be up with your tank.
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    Stocking options for 10 gallons

    I have 5 Cherry barbs and a male pink tuxedo guppy in a 10 and all are doing great.
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    I Think I’ve Started A Mini Cycle! Noooooo

    I believe the Bristlenose Pleco only gets to be About 4 or 5 inches if I’m not mistaken. I never had a BN pleco before.
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    Question Good Schooling Fish For 10 gallon Tank?

    I have a group of 5 cherry barbs doing very well in my 10 gallon. They are my only fish at the moment.
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    How Important Is The Nitrogen Cycle For Smaller Tanks?

    Small tanks even though less water are harder to keep balanced than bigger tanks. The nitrogen cycle is important for all aquariums.
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    How Important Is A Gh/kh Test Kit?

    I just got a small API test it it has 25 test strips in it. It has 5 tests on one thing. I think it’s. Important to have one on hand you never know if your water is bad with out one.
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    Are Nerites Shy?

    Otos die easily they will starve to death if there is no algae present.
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    Stocking options for 10 gallons

    I have 5 cherry barbs in my 10 gallon that I originally had started out in a 5.5 gallon.
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    Terrible Stroke Of Bad Luck

    Fish loss is a part of fish keeping but you learn and try to improve things. It takes Time and a lot effort before you get it right. Never give up. If you do you stop learning.
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    Is My Tank Overstocked?

    The suggested rule is one inch of fish per gallon. And 5.5 gallon tanks are very small.
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    Kissing Gourami's - Advice On Tough Tankmates Please

    Believe it or not the kissing Gourami can get to Be a foot long when full grown. They need space.
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    So I Bought A Female Guppy Yesterday And I Was Wondering If The Ghost Shrimp Would Eat The Fry

    I never had a shrimp in a fish tank so I never heard of one attacking anything. Usually it’s other fish that might eat the shrimp.

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