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    Albino Dantumn Angels Breeding In Coralbandits Fishroom And More !

    I would say that tap water with a TDS reading of 125 is near nigh perfect.....a very low TDS reading (below 50) can be detrimental for aquarium fishes and plants. There is a lot of confusion about how to correctly use a TDS or EC meter, it is essential that they are calibrated frequently at a...
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    Tore Or Bit His Fins? Again!

    Lovely fish!...IMO your Betta is stressed and his immune system is lowered allowing bacteria to start degrading the very fine mucous membranes in his tail....which has the effect of looking like tail biting or snagging. This is what I'd do: Replace 50% of your water with Prime conditioned tap...
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    How Many Angels In A 45 Gallon Tall?

    Depends on how many gallons and what sort of filter you have...they are the main factors in determining your optimal stocking level. Angels prefer high water columns to ensure strong healthy fin growth..... If you have a 30 gallon tank thats at least 18 inches high with a filter giving 150...
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    New Here Too!

    Did you get the 10 gallon and the Discus at the same time? I would strongly recommend that you mature the tank for at least 6 months before you add the discus...and then just add 2 or 3 very young discus with a really effective filter with at least 50 gallons per hour output. Even then, you...
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    Filter Overkill?

    IMO you can't have too much filtration. I run Fluval G3's on my 15 gallon Ram breeding tanks which gives 10 x water turnover and great circulation.....this is good for conditioning the fish when using lots of bloodworms. The output is fully variable so when the fry come along the output can be...
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    12 Week Old Angelfish

    Those are really nice Angels, only a few generations removed from Altums by the look of them.
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    Albino Dantumn Angels Breeding In Coralbandits Fishroom And More !

    Filial cannibalism amongst Cichlids is something very close to my heart. I have made pages and pages of notes about this subject drawing from my own observations with breeding Cichlids (mainly Rams, Angels and Discus). Rather than just put a load of ad-hoc remarks on here I'm going to start a...
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    Albino Dantumn Angels Breeding In Coralbandits Fishroom And More !

    Are you using exactly the same TDS meter as Bandit? If not, your TDS levels will always differ because all TDS meters actually take an EC (Electroconductivity) reading then apply a manufacturer specific algorithm to the reading to get a Total Dissolved Solids measurement. TDS is fine to give you...
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    Electric Blue Ram Breeding Advice

    OK Coradee...thanks for the explanation, I just do what comes naturally, can't quite get my head around why back to back posts are disallowed...anyway, have a merry Xmas!
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    How Do You View Fishlore?

    I started watching Fishlore posts on my iPhone ...then switched to my desktop Mac and the quality of some of the images and video clips was astounding. Finally, this morning I managed to set up my browser on my 4K Smart TV! How many people view this forum on their phones vs Desktop &...
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    Electric Blue Ram Breeding Advice

    Seriously Bandit, I'm not a user of profane language and I watch this forum sometimes with my grandchildren so I'm the first person who would complain if bad language is used here....but this constant editing of my posts is starting to get a bit tiresome.....I just wish I was informed as to why...
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    Question Doubt On Which Species

    That pic makes me sad
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    German Blue Rams Fighting

    Bandit is right, all Cichlids, especially GBR's can be very finicky with their partners. I have bred 6 generations of Rams and have noticed this behaviour often. It seems to happen when the male's advances get 'out of sync' with the female's, often a few days after spawning, especially if they...
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    Electric Blue Ram Breeding Advice

    ???...why was my last post edited.....again

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