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    10 Gallon Tank Please Help Nitrites 10ppm with fish!!!

    To add to what Flyfisha said, I'd recommend you buy yourself a bottle of Seachem Prime. It detoxifies ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates and will make the cycle a safer process for your fish.
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    Guppy fin rot help!!

    Personally, I would stay away from any of the Fixes or other meds and just stick with lots of water changes like BigManAquatics mentioned. In my experience, they are the best cure for fin rot (and lots of other things too.)
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    Molly with Bad Swim Bladder

    Try fasting her from all food for three days, including the peas because there really is no evidence to suggest they work anyway. If you have an adjustable heater, increase the water temp by a couple degrees to help with digestion and keep up with the salt baths. Hope she gets better soon!
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    Molly tankmates and general care

    As someone who has owned mollies in the past I feel like you really can't gage what other fish would work with them until you actually have them and have figured out their individual temperaments. One of my mollies was super aggressive and literally ended up killing other fish whereas the other...
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    10 and 20 gallon stocking

    If the the yoyo is truly happy I guess he should fine alone. Do you think the fox fish would be aggressive toward a new loach or two? When you can, I would recommend going to a breeder for the neons instead of a pet store. You just might find someone whose fish have okay genetics. If the fox...
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    Funny The User Below Me... Fish Style

    Nope. I have two. :D UBM has had their plants obliterated by snails before.
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    10 and 20 gallon stocking

    No problem! ;) Neons as in neon tetras? If so, then I'd recommend you get another 3-4when you can to keep the 2 company. The loach would probably appreciate a couple buddies too. Keep in mind though, the increase in stock would require more maintenance. How do the fox fish and the other fish get...
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    10 and 20 gallon stocking

    Honey gourami are pretty social fish so they should be kept in at least pairs and I wouldn't put a pair of honeys with tankmates in anything smaller than 20 gallons, so, in short, it won't work. A tank full of endlers would be really nice though. You could add the shrimp then too. What is the...
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    Should i separate her?

    Her gravid spot isn't overly dark or even visible so I don't think she's going to deliver quite yet. How is she behaving? When a livebearer is about to give birth, it usually secludes itself from the rest of the tank, acts lethargic, and almost always refuses food. Like BigManAquatics said, you...
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    Funny The User Below Me... Fish Style

    Nope. Maybe one day. UBM has worked at a fish/pet store.
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    Molly fish question breeding

    That could be why. I can't really think of any other reason as to why he'd "flare" at the platy. Again though, the molly might still be trying to mate so that could be the reason also. Either way though, I don't think the chasing and "flaring" is anything to worry about unless he's constantly...
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    Funny The User Below Me... Fish Style

    Nope. Only bettas. For now.......... UBM needs to do some water changes. I know I do. I wish I weren't so gifted with the ability to procrastinate :confused:.
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    Molly fish question breeding

    Hi, welcome to the forum! Mollies and platies can't crossbreed. They might try to, but it won't work. It could just be the molly bullying the platy too. In my experience, mollies can be pretty aggressive and territorial.
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    I have no idea what is wrong with my Betta

    I wouldn't worry about it. It just looks like natural coloring to me. My betta's chin turned black after a while and he's still thriving about a year later. Welcome to Fishlore, btw. If you need any help with the fin rot (or anything else really), feel free to ask as many questions as you like...
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