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  1. Male or female guppies

    Welcome to FishLore! Try looking online for pictures of males versus females. To give you a rough idea though, females have a more flag-like fin underneath, while males have "pointed." It can be difficult to tell depending on the age though. I've misidentified several males for females when...
  2. 90 gal. set up and cycled. Decorated after my Pacu's name, Andromeda from Greek

    Ahhh, that makes sense. I didn't mean to sound like I was disagreeing, I was truly wondering haha, sorry Liz922, I didn't mean to confuse you or anything. I was simply curious!
  3. 90 gal. set up and cycled. Decorated after my Pacu's name, Andromeda from Greek

    Pacu and silver dollars look very similar, after just looking at do you tell the difference, besides coloring? The fish could be stressed and faded... ???
  4. 90 gal. set up and cycled. Decorated after my Pacu's name, Andromeda from Greek

    Nice! Your pacu is cute, how big is it? (Hard to tell from the picture.)
  5. EEK, creepy worm!

    I'll try to... the sword is sitting on the rail of my back deck, I just left it there since I wasn't sure if there were more lol. Anders247 I wondered but when I googled pictures of them they just didn't look similar at all... plus the thing was huge! And how on earth would the thing get in...
  6. EEK, creepy worm!

    I wasn't sure where to post this, I'm slightly panicking. So my 40 gallon tank has been pretty much fishless, and the water's slowly evaporating away. I don't do really any maintenance on it, lol. My plants are relatively alive still, so I pulled out an amazon sword to put into my new pond. I...
  7. I Need Stocking Help!

    Haha thanks guys! ;D Does anyone know about Red Empress and what sort of mix I could do with them? Though I'm not sure how big they get. I'm starting to consider just doing a single species, LOL finding compatible cichlid species is making my head spin. Oh, Anders247, mind me asking how much...
  8. I Need Stocking Help!

    I thought about shell dwellers! I started looking up species earlier, and red zebras, acei, and yellow labs kind of caught my eye... who knows if I can actually do all of those together or not haha.
  9. I Need Stocking Help!

    So... what to stock my 40 gallon breeder with. The big debate. Here goes. 1. African Cichlids OR 2. Fancy Goldfish Please help me decide! Because I changed my tank setups so much in the past, I have determined that this will be my final, unchanging setup for a long, long time and I need to...
  10. 1 week, 3 creatures, no cycle?

    Yeah, it might depend on how old it is too... I guess the bacteria could have died off after a certain amount of time, for the people who didn't have success with it. Yeah Qat, I'd leave your fry wherever they are now, don't want to risk it!
  11. 1 week, 3 creatures, no cycle?

    I have a feeling that it isn't cycled. Those are very tiny fish to have in a 20 gallon, and they aren't that messy so I'm not surprised that there's no reading yet. I'd get some Tetra SafeStart ASAP, as Anders suggested! I too have heard that Quick Start doesn't work as well.
  12. How many fish tanks do you have?

    I have 4, but... 3 of them are empty. The only one that (technically) has any inhabitants would be my little bowfront on my dresser, where my betta Columbo lives. I'm about to fix the fact that I have empty tanks... muwahahaha!
  13. Lazy boy

    Welcome to FishLore! My boy Columbo is pretty lazy most of the time. He sleeps tangled up in the roots of his Anubias plant, resting on the bottom of the tank. Then, after a while, he ups and starts swimming around like a madman and begging me to feed him. My last two bettas did about the same...
  14. Help me convince!!

    Welcome to FishLore! Since your profile says you don't know the nitrogen cycle, I suggest you go read that pronto. It's the 1# most important thing in keeping fish, and especially bettas, as they are often neglected in that area! Along with what Angelbear suggested, perhaps tell them this...
  15. Is he going to be ok?

    He'll be fine I'm sure. I've had several small fish who managed to get half of an algae wafer crammed in their mouth; they usually wait for it to soften and spit it out again. He's really pretty, by the way! Nice colors!

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