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    Blue-Green algae.

    ok thank you so much!
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    Blue-Green algae.

    hello. there is suddenly loads of blue-green algae in my tank. And i just cant get rid of it. anyone got any tips? it would be very appreciated thank you.
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    Could I add anything else?

    ok thank you i wont add any more fish after that
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    Could I add anything else?

    Hi i have a 60 litre ( 15gallon) aquarium with 1 female betta, 1 male platy, 3 otocinclus( I did have a school of 6 but they died and i dont want to add any more) and 3 peppered corydoras which I am going to get 3 more of. Would I have space for any other fish? I think my platy is a bit lonely...
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    Flying fox compatible with platy and betta?

    hello, I have a female betta and a platy that i needed to rehome. Someone that offered to rehome her said they had 8cm long clown loaches a pleco and flying foxes. Are they compatible? i read that my betta and platy will be fine with the loaches and pleco but im not sure about the flying fox...
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    Fluval flex 15 gallon stocking ideas?

    I like the betta idea but i read that ember tetras like soft water? Im not sure if this is true but if it is maybe go with a differnt tetra or rasbora? I also like all the other ideas people have suggested.
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    10 Gallon Tank 10 Gallon Stocking

    i think that 2-3 honey or 2-3 sparkling gouramis would be fine although i have never kept them. stay away from the dwarf gouramis. i kept two in a 15gallon and they died a week after i got them. and they werent suitible for my aquarium either as they were too big and to aggressive. i should not...
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    Can I add any more fish to my 8 gallon?

    i would leave it as it is. dont add a sparkling gourami because i think they like to be in small groups and i dont think you would have enough space for that
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    Am I Overstocked?

    yes, another frog or more or different species of snails.
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    Set up for Aquarium

    yes, i think it would be fine
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    What snail should I get?

    mystery snails?
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    10 gallon tank Would I be overstocking?

    honey gouramis are quite peacful and i keep female bettas in a community tank and they are fine. It probably depends on their personality
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    10 gallon tank Would I be overstocking?

    for a different set up idea you could maybe include 2-4honey gouramis or 2-4sparkling gouramis. They are beautiful and can go in 10gallon tanks.
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    10 gallon tank Would I be overstocking?

    i agree. although instead of neon tetras you might be able to do a betta?
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    How do i get rid of Black beard algae?

    i have a lid but it has a big gap around the edges so would these snails climb out? usually the light is on from 7-9 am until 9-10pm. I will not get the molly then
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