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    Hello from East TN!

    lol Hi! Thank you! Thanks Lucy!
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    75 Gallon Tank Hap / Peacock Tank

    I think they will all get along fine. I have noticed that the OB's can have 1 of 2 personalities, mean or peaceful. It should be a beautiful setup with those cichlids.
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    Hello from East TN!

    That's fine, fish keeping isn't the only thing I haven't done in a while lol. Dialysis? We went to my husbands high school reunion the other night and one of the managers at a local clinic told me to put in an application with them. I'm really avoiding healthcare though. I almost feel "called"...
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    Hello from East TN!

    Thanks Dino! Good to see you here! Thanks Carol! How have you been?
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    Hello from East TN!

    Ive been "lurking" on and off for a while now. Thought Id say hi! Just now really getting my fish tank hobby back. I'm down to 4 running tanks from 9, still have african cichlids and honestly I'm planning to only have one Mbuna tank when I'm done redoing them all, going to do a fowler tank...
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    My New 140Gal Cichlid Tank

    This is the first time I have commented on here in months and I have to say WOWOWOWOWOW! Whatta beautiful cichlid tank!
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    What goes with african cichlids?

    Most of us fishkeepers do know that "breaking news" as I stated, MalawI Cichlids and didn't name any other species from any other lakes. I have nigerian cichlids as well in a low ph river setup. There are more rift lakes than Tang and MalawI as well. However, what is sold at the majority of...
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    What goes with african cichlids?

    MalawI Cichlids are bottom dwelling fish (mbuna, example: labs, kenyi, zebras) They need a big foot print tank, 55g, 75g, or 90+g. Tall tanks do not do well with mbuna for that reason. The translation of Mbuna is rock-dwelling, meaning they live in caves in the rocks. You can put 2 males...
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    Loner yellow lab cichlid

    Its most likely pecking order, in one of my magizines it had an article about african cichlids and their "personality". Basicly they are like a group of kindergarden kids that will have your main crowd, your leaders, and your "loaners".... I always have a couple loaners in my tanks.
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    What goes with african cichlids?

    10 gallons is a little small for african cichlids, they need at least a 55 gallon tank with plenty of room to grow, and overcrowding.
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    Houseplants and fishtank water

    I actually have done this this year and WOW my flowers are super happy!!! It actualy revived some flowers I was worried about.
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    how many can i put in my 55g

    I would suggest going ahead and getting rid of the pleco, they do have a huge bioload, and really need a bigger tank than a 55g. Once the pleco is gone, you can have a total of 15 malawI cichlids easy. Just watch the combos for aggression/interbreeding.
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    For all you Facebookers...

    I'm on facebook...
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    55 Gallon Tank stocking help

    I completly 100 percent agree with you! If they are true f1's the breeder will know because they will have the wild caught mom and dad and for that they will know the species and not label it "blue mbuna". For the 55 gallon tank, def no on any malawI cichlids with that ph. Maybe some westies...
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    55 Gallon Tank stocking help

    A 55 gallon is actually small for haps, most of the malawI hap species need 75g+ tanks to grow out good and breed. I agree with not trusting the label "blue mbuna" it could be a hybrid fish, or not even mbuna. Also mixing any other fish with malawI cichldis is not a good idea ie frontosa and...
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