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    Anyone Keep Golden Rabbit Snail?

    oooh i hate waiting too lol. but yeah these snails are quirky little characters. especially their breeding behavior!
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    How Does Our Betta Tank Look?

    great start! i like more plants but it is totally up you. maybe some easy ones like ferns or even a floater. the added detritus will keep Snaily happy too
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    Temp Range Of Neocaridina Davidi

    they have a pretty big range of mid 60's to 80's Farenheit. Is the water inside the tub the same temp of the tub itself? remember convection currents will cool off the bottom of the water layer ("benthic zone") where the shrimps are more likely to stay
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    Anyone Keep Golden Rabbit Snail?

    very nice snail. care is pretty similar to other non predacious snails. there is talk that some varieties leave plants alone more than others and the golden rabbit is on the safe side sans a few encounters with java ferns according to some. but if they are well fed, none of them should be a...
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    Proposed Tank Setup

    1- definitely java moss for the shrimps and maybe some crypts and ferns. marimo's are great too with some ludwigia glandulosa or ludwigia natans for a fall forest look too. baby tears or the same moss could carpet. i always add duckweed to tanks but this is up to you 2-it should not pose a...
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    Please Help! Cannot Rid Myself Of This Algae

    well darn the nerites were the big ticket item, just 3 of them would have cleaned it up in a few days. the thing about the light and spines is mainly a Vitamin D deficiency and while there are many instances of anecdotal evidence, i can never find a concrete study on it if anyone knows one. but...
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    Please Help! Cannot Rid Myself Of This Algae

    nerite snails and amano shrimps will have that algae done with. unfortunately i don't know of any reasonably affordable ways to check for CO2 levels; one way is the Hach CO2 Test Kit which costs like $45 USD
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    When Can I Add To My Betta Tank?

    if anything the betta will love trying to pick them off if she can lol
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    Which Is Better - Male Vs Female Bettas

    had a male growing up so seeing the long flowing fins are always nostalgiac for me :]
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    Plants From Outside

    According to the National Pesticide Information Center, "Bleach may react with some pesticide chemicals. Reactions can result in more toxic chemicals, unexpected vapors, or other problems." Cleaning Up After Indoor Pesticide Misuse Unless you are certain the plants were not treated with any kind...
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    Dry Ferts Alternatives

    It doesn't say exactly how much chlorine there is, but it also doesn't have it listed as the copper, where they tried to say it was less than 0,01%. Using prime could work, but I would continue dosing for a few days and then testing it after. Chlorine itself will simply evaporate out of the...
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    Dry Ferts Alternatives

    A few things to consider~ ~NH4/N is a solidified weak acid, so it is going to lower your pH without the proper buffering ~some of those molecules say that they are soluble in water, meaning they will not stay in fertilizer form but rather dissociate (or break apart) in water creating many more...
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    Overbreeding Shrimp???

    Neocaridina populations are self-manageable. If there are so many that food or females become a problem, the stronger and older ones will simply gorge on the shrimplets. At a certain point, they will simply stop populating which is why only people with large tanks end up with thousands despite...
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    Nerite Snail & Cuttlebone

    Both. Your pH also affects this, an acidic pH helps the cuttlefish shell break down quicker than an alkaline one does, but the snail will graze on it as well
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    Vet Says To Use Untreated Tap Water?

    I meant balancing it with the other equation C22H24N2O9 +NH3 + NH2Cl + H2O -> Cl2 + some stuff I'm too lazy to figure out right now. No harm will come to the fish being in chlor(am)ine and ammonia to answer your question. Treating the water will reduce the capability of the oxy to work. Waiting...

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