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    29 Gallon Tank Mystery snails color fading and won't seem to breed

    Testing showed Nitrate and Nitrite at 0 and Ammonia very close, maybe .1. We do feed frequently mostly to minimize aggression as they are community tanks but usually manage portion size.
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    29 Gallon Tank Mystery snails color fading and won't seem to breed

    I finally found some magenta mystery snails about 6 months back and placed them in my 29 gallon planted tank. I had hoped they would breed but so far no luck even with 2" of space at the top of the tank. I've had success breeding golds in the past, though not in this particular tank. Now...
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    Algae coated Japanese Trapdoor Snails

    Hey all, I've been an active aquarist for about 3 years now and in that time have had alot of different snails (both invited and unwelcome) and have never had this type of problem before. My crew of Japanese Trapdoors start out clean as a whistle but as they reach maturity start to collect a...
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    Covering aquasoil with gravel layer

    So, I've about had it trying to plant anything in aquasoil. It's a total pain and constantly get floaters; worse yet I'm trying to teach the kids to tend the tanks and for them it's impossible. I like the soil for plant growth so am looking for a user friendly solution to get the best of both...
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    Are dwarf gourami worth the risk?

    Recommend you get the dwarf gourami first, then you can observe for 3-4 weeks to ensure it's healthy. It's kind of like using the tank as a temporary quarantine tank until you're sure things are good. Other suggestions would be to ask about travelling to an area nearby with more expansive LFS...
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    Question about CO2 setup for 120 gal

    All, Getting ready to go live with CO2 in my main tank and had a quick question. With a larger tank is there any advantage to use a splitter and 2x diffusers to inject at opposite ends of the tank simultaneously? My inclination is to think no as the CO2 should seek equilibrium after a short...
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    How do you all like my 125G hard scape setup?

    Love the stalactites pointing down from above! Gives a very unique feel compared to more conventional scaping.
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    Best materials for aquascaping filler

    Hey all, Have some aquascaping ideas I'm tossing around and some include using stone to form a 'retaining wall' type structure to raise the substrate level and be able to grow shorter foreground type plants in the background. Due to the volume of space I definitely don't want to just fill all...
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    Technique for getting rid of pest snails

    Yeah, thought about that or maybe cupramine/copper of some sort but wanted to minimize the chance of residual contaminants in the tank as I keep Ramshorn snails in there routinely. Could probably aggressively rinse it but sometimes you don't get it all and could have come out badly. In a...
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    Technique for getting rid of pest snails

    I just suffered a couple of infestations in my quarantine tank, one algae based and one was bladder snails. I tore the entire thing down to the bones, scooped out all the substrate which I treated with a hydrogen peroxide solution and left outside in the (Florida) cold for 3 days. Then I...
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    55 Gallon Tank I think I am done with Aqueon Pro heaters

    NOT Eheim if you know what's good for you. I've had nothing but issues with this company who don't support their products and troll their customers along until they give up in my experience. Was having a problem with my impellor and contacted the company. They had 3 different people grill me...
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    Tips for catching otos and pygmy cories?

    For hard to catch fish I often have to convince the wife to grab a second net and assist. Not a 100% solution but can increase your chances if you have a partner. With otos I usually try to get below them and rapidly sweep up - can be tough if they're stuck to the glass and know it's not easy...
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    Aquarium plants for beginners

    Tank dimensions would improve my answer, but if you're running a lower light low-tech setup then java fern and maybe moss as a groundcover work pretty well and are very survivable. One plant I def recommend for beginners is Water Wisteria (Hygrophila Diphormis). It grows in all directions and...
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    Seeking expert confirmation x 3 with a bonus question

    I appreciate the solid answer as bitter as it may be. I usually have savvy algae solutions but in this case I'm writing it off as a total loss, tearing down the tank, treating with Clorox solution and starting over. I just can't risk passing such an infestation on to anyone else. I'll...
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    Variety of algae in 55 gallon tank

    I have used Eco Complete in multiple tanks and have never seen or heard of any blue-green slime. Eco is an inert volcanic rock based substrate that on it's own couldn't 'cause' anything. The selling point of Eco is it comes in a nutrient rich bath, that's the liquid in the bag that is nutrient...
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