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    Converting a few aquarium to sw

    So I also have a 10 gallon fresh water tank could I turn it into a salt water nano tank. I like invertebrates, would a starfish work.
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    Converting a few aquarium to sw

    I have a 37 gallon freshwater aquarium with two tetra 40g power filters, and dirt substrate. I was thinking about turning it into a salt water aquarium with seahorses. I was wondering 1. if I would need new filters and substrate 2. Is a salt water aquarium much more work than a freshwater...
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    10 Gallon Beginner Tank

    An oscar is not an option
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    Proposed beginner peaceful community tank setup - please give me feedback thanks

    I know they rnt peaceful I just like oscars
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    Stocking 37 Gallon Tank - would this work?

    Then it should be fine IMO
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    Stocking 37 Gallon Tank - would this work?

    It should be fine unless they are breeding how many are you planning to get
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    Tank mates

    Angelfish would work with rams
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    Blue rams food aggressive?

    I have noticed that fish are most aggressive during feeding
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    Stocking a 10 gallon

    Dwarf gouramis are nice
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    Gold Gourami Sex?

    I think female
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    How do I humanely put down a fish?

    I've heard ODing it on clove oil works
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    are my food choices ok?

    You want to feed them what they can eat in 3 minutes do as long as you are doing that sounds like a good diet
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    Upgrading my tank

    I got a second hand tank and you need to clean it very well. It took me a while to get all I the dried fish poop off of it
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    Moss balls

    I have heard they can help with algae but I have never used them, so I'm not sure that is true.

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