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    I have been into the tank game for quite a while and I'm looking at keeping 2 discus in my 55...everywhere I look people say that they're sooo hard to keep but I don't see why can someone explain
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    Current USA Current Satellite fresgwater vs finnex stringray...I'm getting the 48 in for my 55 gallon that's heavily planted what light would be better...thank you
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    Cory Eggs

    That's exactly what I did but all I have to do is leave them?
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    Cory Eggs

    I know they're Cory eggs because they are running around fast and chasing each other but what should I do with them if I want them to hatch should I just leave them or do I have to do anything special
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    Online Ordering

    Dustin is way over priced he's great but over priced try ordering from
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    2 Gallon Shrimp Bowl

    You might need a small heater and a clip on light would be fine but don't use co2 in shrimp tanks
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    Male Betta In Community Tank

    I have a 55 gallon heavily planted tank and I have 3 angels 4 gouramis 2 gbr 2 loaches and 3 Corys and a red tail shark and a couple zebra danios I know it's a little over stocked but I have a lot and very good filtration but I was thinking about adding a male betta...would this work out? What...
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    What Would You Change?

    Thank you that means a lot and I have been looking around for some Rotala and floating plants but thank you
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    What Would You Change?

    I set up my fish tank when I really didn't know much about aquascaping now I know a little more but I am the opposite of creative...any help with moving stuff around to make my tank a little better?
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    What Fish Eggs Are These

    And Cory cats which I believe to be the ones that laid the eggs
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    What Fish Eggs Are These

    I have gouramis, angelfish, swordtails,gbr, and zebra danios what fish could have laid these eggs?
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    Opening Fishstore?

    Aquarium co op on YouTube has a series about opening a fish store
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    Finnex String Ray

    I asked this because I was worried about evaporation messing with the light because if I get this light I won't run it with a hood...what should I do
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    Finnex String Ray

    Do you use a hood on your tank or no

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