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    I Tried So Hard

    We learn more facts through ours and others experiences. We are always a Student and some times a Teacher. You are a Teacher today. Thanks for sharing your experience. Sorry for your loss...
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    Beautiful Lutino Pandas

    I hadn't seen any panda guppy like this... They are beautiful
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    Question Ribbon Tail Guppies.!!!

    Can we produce ribbon tail guppies from normal guppies?
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    Type Of Algae

    Light period is about 12 to 14 hours.
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    Type Of Algae

    Can anyone help me to identify the type of algae on the picture and how to get rid of them? They are seen on water, glass and plant surfaces.
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    Type Of Guppy?

    I think its a cross of or low quality platinum red big ear. If you can take a photo from upper side, it will be more helpful to understand.
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    Do You Feed You Guppies Brine Shrimp?

    They can be given to both adult and baby guppies.
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    Breeding Size.

    How long it take a flowerhorn(from its birth) to become mature and take to breed?
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    Seperation Of Flower Horn.

    Thanks for the replies.
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    Seperation Of Flower Horn.

    At which age we should put the flower horns seperatly to avoid the fighting?
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    Do Anyone Had Breeded Big Ear Guppies?

    I brought some platinum big ears
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    How long can we put the flowerhorn siblings together? When should we separate them? I had read that flowerhorns are very aggressive, so we couldn't put them together. I like to buy flowers babies. If we can put them together I like to buy two or three pieces. So please help...
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    Question About Algae On Plants

    They are also good. I think they will also eat the plant if the algae are eaten up. So remove the snails,if all the algae are eaten up or when they start to eat the plants.
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    Tuxedo Koi Guppies...

    I like them sooo much...
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    Question About Algae On Plants

    The natural way to remove it is by using snails. They will eat them. In my experience if there is no sufficient algae for them to eat, they will start to eat the plants. So I will remove the snails as soon they eat up all the algae.

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