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  1. Snail photos

    Well, when I first got her, she was very yellow...but over time her shell has kind of faded away, I think it's either because she's getting old or not enough calcium....she does not like eating cuttlefish bone no matter how many times I yell at her....
  2. Snail photos

    This is my Golden Mystery Snail, Precious. I named her after the One Ring of Power, got her freshman year of college and I'm on my 2nd year...and she's still with me!
  3. Help Black Spot

    Unless my snail somehow ticked off Davy Jones, I don't know what these black spots are. Are they like age spots (because she getting to be an old lady) or are they like a sore?
  4. Help What Is This!!??

    I don't feel too bad then, she doesn't have a mate so baby snails for us~ thanks
  5. Help What Is This!!??

    Ok so, I have a mystery snail, and one day we were cleaning the tank and saw these things on the tanks top. Are these eggs? They look squshie but are hard...
  6. Question Is This A Bad Sign?

    Ph I have no idea, but I do put in water conditioner. I also feed her green beans, peas and spinach.
  7. Question Is This A Bad Sign?

    Thanks for getting back to me! don't worry, my snail's tankmate is my roommate's betta fish and he is a true gentleman to her (^~^). I also feed her greenbeans, peas and sometime spinach (but that gets in the filter) along with algae wafers. The sounds kinda strange to what happened to your snail.
  8. Question Is This A Bad Sign?

    I was watching my mystery snail eat her dinner and I noticed the curl part of her shell is broken and has a hole forming. Is her shell braking on her own or is she sick?
  9. Question Shell Question

  10. Question Shell Question

    Are mysteries snails shells known to shed or...grow? I noticed something strange about my snail's shell. She is eating and moving around just fine but her shell looks odd. I was thinking maybe it was growing but know I am unsure...
  11. Help Is She Dead?

    Well, she has moved in a few days, but she moves in and out of her shell
  12. Help Is She Dead?

    Well, Thanks~ But, also she hasn't moved...
  13. Help Is She Dead?

    Hey...before I let her join her fish friend in the giant pound in the my snail dead? She's been moving around I think but that could be just the water moving her body. I had to chang tanks cus my roommate needed the bigger tank to take her fish home...and in doing so took the heater as...
  14. Question What's This Thing?

    Oooohhhh.... also, how can I tell if my snail is male or female? The first time I saw it I was like "...what are you doing!!!!!"
  15. Question What's This Thing?

    What is this thing!!

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