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    What is the lowest temperature weather loaches can handle??

    If it freezes over the top can you put some type of heater just so it maintains an opening in the ice? Alison
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    Pee as substitute?

    Human urine removes toxic waste from the body and is not pure ammonia which is what you need. Good question though. Alison
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    Pleco for 110 gallon

    Congrats on the new pleco. Alison
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    Unexplained Plec Death

    Do you remember the name you bought him under? Was it Butterfly pleco, or Hong kong pleco. He looks from the picture like a thin hillstearm loach. Do you know The parameters on your water? what is the temp of the tank? What were you feeding him. If it was a hillstream loach ,their care is...
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    New here

    Welcome to the forum and glad you decided to join us. Alison
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    Fettuccini's tanks and fish and whatever

    What kind of fish is that? Great pictures. Alison
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    Biz's Bn Pleco Breeding Journal!

    I think I am so happy for you. WOW, keep those pictures coming. Alison
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    Show off your bugs!

    Calo canned catfood was a lot easier to catch then bugs to feed them, and Dusty my cat didn't mind sharing. Also the constant handling makes them very tame. Your right . Animals have always fascinated me and I have always had pets. At the moment I have three parrots, 2 dogs, 1 cat and 2 fish...
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    Female BN pleco started to change colour

    They have a habit of falling asleep on their back for a nap, usually in a cave or under some drift wood. Junne has a nice picture of hers taking a snooze. Scares you half to death the first time you see it. Alison
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    Most places like home depot get small sized pothos for around 3 dollars and hanging pots for 9 to 10 dollars. Then larger hanging pots for about 15 dollars. Alison
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    Show off your bugs!

    They are cute and I love the way they turn their heads to watch you. I am also not a major bug lover either with the exceptions of butterflies, moths, mantis, walking sticks, lady bugs and lightening bugs. Alison
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    Adorable, who won? Alison
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    Advice on Goldfish tail trimming?

    It is possible that the ich infection created scar tissue that as it healed, caused some adhesions. Alison
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    Plant Species to cause a overhang ( Needed for a AFB )

    Did you buy that as a dried bulb with some others in a pkg from the pet store, and if yes, how did you plant it? Alison
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    Show off your bugs!

    What would you call it? Tv hadn't been invented yet, no such thing as air conditioning in the house, You did have a radio or a record player to keep you amused. No microwave, no computer, so on and so forth. So much for the good old days. He He! Alison
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