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    10 Gallon Tetra Tank With Betta Question

    I think a lot of it depends on your betta. Some are fine with tank mates, others are killing machines. If you have a secondary tank that you can move the neons to if things go south then its something you can try. A lot of people suggest putting the tetras in first and then the betta in last...
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    Help Betta An Molly

    The molly might be looking for a friend. You could try adding another molly to see if that changes anything. It might give the molly someone to hang out with and they might stay out of the bettas area more. My thought with moving the plants is that you would be blocking the line of sight a...
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    Help Betta An Molly

    Are you able to move the plants at all? Maybe pushing one of the plant formations closer to the front will add a little more depth to the tank and allow both fish to feel like they have their own spaces.
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    5 Gallon Tank Stocking For A New 5 Gallon Aquascape

    If you make sure there are plenty of places for the shrimp to hide, they can get along well with the betta. A lot depends on the temperament of the betta though. I had one in a 5.5 gallon with shrimp and nerite snails. So far it has been one of my most successful shrimp colonies. It might...
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    Female Betta 20 Gal High

    You should be okay with the harlequin rasbora (rasbora hets) or you could try glowlight tetras. I've had both do very well in my 20 gallon high. Like others mentioned just have a contingency plan if you notice the betta going after the other fish, or the other fish going after the betta.
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    Floaters And A Crypt

    So I got some floaters free when I got some shrimp from a local breeder but I wasnt really sure which type they were. They seem to triple their numbers every week, I take bunches out and then the top is full by the end of the week. Here is the top view Here are the roots I also have a...
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    Sucks Being 17 And Into The Fish Hobby.

    Nope they are tired of being yelled at by parents b/c their kids are bringing home pets that they don't want in the house. Although usually they only pull the age card on animals requiring a contract b/c you have to be 18 to sign the contract. You would be amazed how many times people don't...
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    Looking To Start A Shrimp Tank Have Questions

    Usually the best is to get the biggest tank you can for the space you have. If you can go for a 20long that would be awesome but it seems like shrimp can go in many different sizes. I went for a 10 gallon b/c that was the biggest I could fit on my desk. From what I've read you dont have to...
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    Update For 10 gallon Aquascape

    Looks really nice! Could you maybe get a nerite snail for the cyano-bacteria or maybe a shrimp? I'm really impressed on how many plants you can fit in a ten gallon. Mine looks so sparse comparatively.
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    Sand: Opinions And Questions

    I think that is the smallest that National Geographic makes. The sand is a bit smaller of course. I dont have anything small in the tank currently. I'm hoping for shrimp soon. I tried to take a picture with the end of a pen in it to give you a better sense of scale. You can also see some of...
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    Sand: Opinions And Questions

    Usually if you wash most substrate out fairly well it shouldnt cloud your tank. I tried to do that National Geographic black sand in my tank but sand and I just dont mix well. So I ended up using the smaller pebbled National Geographic gravel. I believe the color was called pebble beach. I...
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    Live plants for sale! Shrimps TOO!! Some fish and supplies

    I ordered some plants as well and they came in looking really nice. I ordered some subwassertang and 2 Vesuvius swords. They were well packaged and shipped quickly. Thank you!
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    Best Way To Add Betta From Cup To Tank?

    I would float the cup for about 10-15 mins and then pour the betta into a net and put him in the tank without the water from the cup. I generally try to avoid putting the pet store water into my tanks even if there isnt anything else in the tank at the time. If you are worried, you could put...
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    Name This Plant?

    A lot of plants are grown outside of water so they look different when they start growing in the water. I'm not sure if this is what is happening in your case(I am nowhere near a plant expert) but it could be that you are use to seeing the water sprite in its underwater form and this is its out...
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    New Pleco Species!!! Lol!

    Those are super cute! You should look into making them to sell to fund your fish hobby = )

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