October 6
Educational support professional
List any water conditioners and test kits used:
Stress coat, Prime, Melafix, Aquarium Salt
More than 10 years
Do you know about the Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle?
Aquarium Size
20 gallon high
Aquarium Type
Freshwater Planted Tank
Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.
Fish: 8 Glowlight Tetras, 3 Razbora Hets, 4 horned nerite snails, random live-bearer fry, temporary rescue goldfish.
Plants: Anubias Nana, Anubias Congenisis, 6 small contortion val, 6 tall contortion val, Marimo
Aquarium Start Date
July 2013
Aquarium #2 Size
10 Gallon
Tank #2 Type
Freshwater Planted Tank
Tank #2 Fish, Plants, Inverts, etc.
Planned for freshwater cherry shrimp of some color morph or another.
Plants: 2 Anubias hastofolia, 1 contortion val, 1 marimo moss ball
Tank #2 Start Date
April 2017
Tank #2 Filter Type
Hydro Sponge II


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