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  1. Ammonia Spike - 5 Week Old Tank

    Hey fjh unfortunately we listened to our local pet store rep and didn’t let the tank cycle. We put API quick start & stress coat in the water and waited 3 days to add fish. We have since done some additional research ourselves. That makes sense! Should I only treat the new water going in or...
  2. Ammonia Spike - 5 Week Old Tank

    Hey mattgirl thank you for your help! How often should we be doing water changes in your opinion? Everything I read varies. I’ll definitely pick up some Prime. Should I only add it to new water when doing changes or to the existing tank water as well? PH - 7.0 Nitrites - 0.0 Nitrates - 0.0
  3. Ammonia Spike - 5 Week Old Tank

    Purchased a 29 gallon freshwater tank 5 weeks ago. Currently have 4 platies and 1 molly along with 5 or so newly born fish. Noticed an ammonia spike yesterday to about 3.0ppm so did 25% water change with API quick start and stress coat. Re-checked today and ammonia is at about 1.0ppm. We have...

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