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    Chemicals for the US tank.

    Tetra Safe Start, Prime, Vitachem, Garlic Guard... All of them staple things I keep in my fish cabinet. I consider Prime superior but I also keep Stress Coat in hand - Prime, because it is really potent and will get rid of any chlorine/neutralize ammonia, Stress Coat because it has the aloe in...
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    Not fish related at all...

    Thanks everyone for the great responses. I really don't mind the way she is, at all. I enjoy hanging out with her, going to the theater, going shopping, to eat... etc. We have a great time together and I enjoy when I spend time with her. However, regarding whether the way she is is causing her...
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    Is this Ich?

    Try to go to 80, never go above 82. Keep the water aerated to make sure there is enough oxygen. As soon as you notice the dots are disappearing, turn the heat back down.
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    Is this Ich?

    I see the little dots. If it is, then it is a minor infection. Keeping the water pristine and turning up the heat a little should do it.
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    Not fish related at all...

    @fishdaddy - Thanks @ ppate - She is 25. She has this thing that she will ask someone the question: "I know... I am a freak right?" So I guess she might feel odd, or worse yet, people have called her like that... (She did say people were particularly cruel to her in high school). I only...
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    Should I get a snail

    Watch out for the 2 mystery snails... I would go for one. Every single time I have had 2 together I have gotten babies. Yes, people say it is easy to find the egg clusters and remove them, but if one goes unnoticed, they hatch very quickly!!!
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    Guppy in a 2.5 gallon tank temporarily?

    He should be fine in the 2.5 during the quarantine period.
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    New strain?

    I had one exactly like the one in the picture, but have never seen a lyretail like that.
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    Not fish related at all...

    Not fish related at all...(Please Help) HI guys! I know this may not be the best forum to ask this question, but I judge the people at fishlore to be very intelligent people, who I can be sure will give me an honest answer in this touchy subject. Besides, this is the only forum I am part of...
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    Favorite Betta

    @bassbonediva and RougeAgent. Thanks! I could not pass him by without taking him home... ;D @bassbonediva... OMG Brisingr is such a sweetheart! Absolutely beautiful guy! @Maxima- I love Pontus' color and name!
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    Is This A Disease??

    I agree with everyone, it does look like some sort of fungus (very similar to what my gold gouramI developed when he was still alive). Keep him in pristine water. If he does not look like he is improving, then proceed to medicate.
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    Hey there! Welcome!
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    New Boy! :)

    It's funny, I was thinking about the "what if" I paired him up with my female, who is also black and blue (not shimmery blue, just velvet black and blue)... *sigh* we can dream right? ;D
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    New Boy! :)

    @ everyone - Thanks! HI Lucy! @ angel_scout - He is a rescue from a cup at petsmart... I was going to stop buying cup babies ever since I lost my last two in terrible ways. But the other day I had to take my doggie to Banfield at petsmart because she was sick, and while I was waiting I could...
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    Favorite Betta

    Well, I don't know if this is fair, since I just posted a new thread with pictures from my new boy...;D I took my doggy to the vet a few days ago... and then I saw him. He looked like the night sky, velvet black with sparks of blue and white... Never seen a guy like him so I could not resist...
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