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    55 Gallon Tank Your Thoughts on Adding Angelfish.

    I read a lot of sad stories about sepaes after getting them, I noticed they would chase the gouramis every now and then. After adding the other tetras though, they really calmed down and they're actually quite mellow now. Also, after reading more on angelfish, I think I can get away with a...
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    55 Gallon Tank Your Thoughts on Adding Angelfish.

    Thanks a lot dvc_r, I appreciate the help
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    55 Gallon Tank Your Thoughts on Adding Angelfish.

    Hey all! it's been a while since I've posted on the forum but I've finally got a tank up and running with my grandmother. Currently in the 55 gallon tank is: 2 Dwarf flame Gourami 6 Black Neon Tetras 6 Pristella Tetras 6 Serpea Tetras and 1 pleco who's about half a foot long. The...
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    Frogbit Submersible?

    Thanks for the suggestion everyone. This stuff grows like weeds so I might just try putting one bunch of it down there and see how it fairs after a couple of days. Thanks again.
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    Frogbit Submersible?

    I know frogbit is considered a floating plant. but do you think it would be possible to plant it under water as a foreground plant? Might be silly.. but thanks!
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    FS: Plants! Make your own package!

    I got some of these Vals in the mail today along with some other plants from Harpua.. Great stuff! and I mean great =) I'll be uploading some s later when I get the chance. Thanks again Harpua ^_^
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    First attempt at 'aquascaping'

    Right on man! I approve, tell her she did a good job at arranging sounds like you two have quite a match made in heaven there
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    found sand to use!

    Jaysee, I rather enjoyed listening to your drama with sand... it's like watching the season finale of a show that isn't airing next year.... maybe you'll have more problems =)
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    A good run in at Lowe's

    You know, I didn't even expect any kind of misunderstanding like that either. It's a shame that this kind of thing has to be a worry for people now.
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    Wow. No arowana keepers active?

    Hey, I'll be gettin' one in the future though! probably my goal fish to keep..
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    A good run in at Lowe's

    I just had to share this story with you guys.. I went to Lowe's today to pick up some materials for my DIY lighting project. This included some pvc pipe and some lighting sockets and an extension cord.. Well. I get up to customer service and ask for a 2 foot piece of PVC pipe and they help...
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    Cycling tank

    Hey thanks so much guys, I really appreciate all the help =)
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    Cycling tank

    Hey Fishlore Gang. I plan on starting my tank a little earlier than I expected to, I'm probably going to start the cycling process this weekend. I was wondering, is it okay to put plants in a tank that is just beginning its cycling process? I thought I read somewhere before that they can...
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    Driftwood with\had inhabitants?

    That's exactly why you should boil those pieces of driftwood- It'll clear any of those lil guys out of there. =)
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    new born mollys

    I think the best thing you could do is just go and ask them if they'll take them and at what time. Or give 'em a call. Whatever works, ya.
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