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    Can't get rid of black brush algae and blue green algae

    Add American Flag Fish or Siamese Algae Eater
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    How long before my Platy has fry and any ideas on keeping the stress down?

    Hornwort and water sprite make great hiding places for platy fry. Hornwort and water sprite are hardy plants that tolerate a variety of aquarium conditions.Java moss will work too
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    Guppies With Some Sort Of Infection

    Panacur Main ingredient is fenbendazole Fenbendazole, in a powder form,used as a worming agent in tropical fish Fish Bendazole is extremely effective in both fresh and salt water environments.
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    Guppies With Some Sort Of Infection

    Use Epsom salt one tablespoon per 10 gallons as a laxative to clean the fish gut out.
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    Discus Fish Care?

    Plants for Discus Aquariums The Planted Discus Aquarium
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    Guppy is inactive and acting unusual

    If parameters are fine then I would not worry. Fish can go without food for several days without any trouble. In the wild they do not get meals everyday.Guppies like water to be between 75-82 degrees F, with 78 degrees an ideal temperature.
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    Jungle Val dying

    Leave them, mine came back after the die off.
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    Its time to battle algae!

    I had read the algae killing effect of SEACHEM EXCEL but never tried until recently, when my tank was infected by Staghorn algae, some green hair, and BBA. So I dosed only once as directed on the bottle.In 4 days, all the staghorn turn red and melted, BBA turned white and green hair which is...
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    Otocinclus deaths :(

    It happened to me too, I brought 6 home and next morning found 2 dead.Found out that Otto cats are very sensitive to water parameters, Aim for no measurable ammonia or nitrite and low to no (0–20 ppm) nitrate when getting them.
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    Honey gouramis- parasites!

    Try some flake first thing in the morning, my wife has two pairs of Dwarf Gourami they eat anything that you give to them.
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    How to Clean An Old Gravel Vacuum

    Use some bleach to sanitize any thing that you used before. Let the item dry completely.I use 1 cup of bleach to 1 gallon of water mix.after bleaching rinse and Dry.
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    Angelfish friends

    The best Angelfish Tank Mates are probably other Angelfish in a group,Cory catfish are excellent tank mates.Dwarf cichlids such as Krib's, Rams, and Keyholes, also make for excellent tank mates.
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    I am parent of guppies FRY!!!

    I never do, if you can add some hiding place for the fry with Plastic Artificial or live Plants
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    Clown loach iche?

    Looks like bacterial to me, MelaFix is a safe and effective anti-bacterial medication for all freshwater and marine fish. MelaFix is safe for scaleless fish like the clown loach. DIRECTIONS:MelaFix Shake well before using. For best results, remove activated carbon during treatment. As a...

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