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    Best brand of food for goldfish?

    I've been using New Life Spectrum +A for my Goldies for about 2 years. Then mixed in NLS Goldfish Formula and NLS Algae Max. They are all fantastic food, they sink quick and very good in terms of their nutritional value. They are mostly krill or algae depending on what you get. The +A has more...
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    40 gallon goldfish aquarium?

    Wellllllll since it sounds like we're all in agreement you're pretty much going to have to post pictures of these new Goldies ASAP.
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    Sooo...who's still around?

    Welcome back, Still around but mostly post on a few facebook Goldfish groups. Glad to hear you're still into Goldies
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    Probably going to Euthanize my Goldie soon :(

    I euthanized Gertrude tonight, her abdomen burst open...there was apparently a severe blockage.
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    FishKeeper in the Store dont know how many Goldfish He need to put in 10 gal!!!!

    Zero can be kept in a 10 Gallon permanently.
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    Saved oscar fear its stunted an deformed

    The little guy looks a tad skinny. I'd say you should definitely fatten him up. What's you current feeding schedule, are you adding anything to it's water to help growth? You'll likely be able to prevent any further deformations if you put him in a larger tank by itself.
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    Probably going to Euthanize my Goldie soon :(

    Gertrude is going back in the main tank right now!!!! Also i'm upgrading the 4 of them to a 125 Gallon tank I recently purchased, which should help keep them healthy!
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    Extremely tiny fry sitting on my snail?!

    Cute, definitely a tiny fry. Best of luck to him or her, snails are very wild rides. :;ufo
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    Platy fry and filter

    You're welcome, best of luck to your fry. If that still doesn't work well enough you might want to look into a sponge filter, they are ideal for fry.
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    Do i need an airstone?

    If you have a hood on the tank then I say yes you need a bubbler. There isn't as much surface area being exposed at all times so they need a bit more movement. My Goldfish tank doesn't but it's open air and has two canisters filters pointed at the surface so a bubbler doesn't seem necessary. If...
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    Platy fry and filter

    Pick up some filter floss, cut it into a little rectangle and wrap it around the intake. Then secure it with a rubber band or a some string. It will prevent them from getting sucked in. As a bonus it will collect bacteria on it and you'll have a bit more beneficial bacteria in the tank
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    Help, can not explain this excessive poo

    Your fish will love it if you do. Also keep a keen eye on craigslist, sometimes you can get a good deal. I picked up a 125 Gallon tonight with stand and lights. Initially he listed it for $250 but I came and picked it up and didn't hassle him at all about the price. It shocked him and he handed...
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    Help, can not explain this excessive poo

    Welcome to fishlore Keep your questions coming, we're here to help. If it's a Common Pleco then that would be the reason for huge poops. Also they don't actually clean tanks, they sort of clean algae but they poop more than an elephant.
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    The most unbelievable fail

    I doubt they lost money, as it's been pointed out it's probably just the distributor. I've talked to some petstores regarding fish like common goldfish, feeders and what not. They often just get a giant bag full of fish which can include some fancy varieties and other odd ball fish. The fish...
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