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    Fish Dying In Tank

    What are your water parameters? Do the fish show signs of sickness before they died?
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    Betta Not Doing Well

    Silver with purple speckles... LOVE HIM!!!
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    Betta Not Doing Well

    I'm so glad to hear that! Pictures. . .pictures!!!!
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    Adding Sand

    I don't have an issue with my tap water so when I add sand to my tank I poor it all in a 5 gallon bucket and hose it clean with the hose outside and then bake it in large cookie sheets. Then I take a small container full of sand and slowly let the tank water fill the container with sand...
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    29 Gallon Tank More Fish?

    Awww! I love how bettas get to know their people. Mine did that as well. I've never owned pea puffers (always wanted to) but I hear they can be very lovable to their people too. I don't think my bottom feeders actually start swimming in the evenings because of me, but just because they know that...
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    29 Gallon Tank More Fish?

    Oh yeah! Every morning when I feed my gouramis, I pinch their food between my fingers and slowly release it and they come up and eat all around my hand. I love them so much! And at night my bottom feeders come out and their just waiting for me to drop the food at these two specific places in the...
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    How To Help My Betta Heal?

    I'm one to stay away from medication unless it is absolutely needed, which is not in this case. So I wouldn't worry at all about spending money on a med when what all these wonderful people who replied before me said should do the trick! Is there any chance you could get a 5 gallon tank for...
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    Something Is Wrong With My Betta!!!

    Hello, I would try giving your betta a salt bath. Not only will this help kill any ICH spores that are on him (if indeed it is ICH) but it will sooth his skin from feeling itchy and help prevent infections if he is loosing some scales from itching. I use Epsom Salts because I don't have any...
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    Polluting Water With Feedings?

    Hey, I don't blame them! If your favorite food is available, eat as much as you can while you can, am I right?! (**joke intended. Please don't actually make them or yourself explode even if it is your favorite food!**)
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    Betta Not Doing Well

    I'd say 5 gallons is minimum for a betta. I've had bettas (one at a time of course) in 1 gallon, 2.5 gallon, tanks and when I upgraded to a 10 gallon they were so much happier! I find 10 gallon tanks are nice because they offer more stability when it comes to cycling the tank and keeping the...
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    Polluting Water With Feedings?

    What will happen is the nitrogen cycle. The uneaten food will "rot" and turn into ammonia, which then will be converted to nitrites (with an "i"). Both ammonia and nitrites are toxic for fish, but have no fear! The beneficial bacteria (BB) in your filter cartridges will turn the nitrite into...
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    Define "flashing"

    Ok. What would be classified as "more information"? Sorry for all the questions but I saw several threads with this issue. Many people had already responded, but it made me realize that I know nothing about this and have not experienced it with my fish and am not able to help people when they...
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    Define "flashing"

    Ok. So when I see threads about people having this problem, it really could be all sorts of different issues. How can you help them figure out what's causing it?
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    29 Gallon Tank Re-scaping Ideas!

    List of your plants plz!!!
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