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    I Really Wish Api Test Kit Came With Plastic Tubes!

    you're going to have to charge the fish a lab fee LOL
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    Addie42 Interview

    Hey y’all what’s up hello!!!! Would love to bring this back to life. It’s my cats third birthday today... how’s your life going? You don’t need to ask a question, just tell me something that’s happening with fish or whatevaa
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    Addie's 6 Gallon Betta Bowl

    Still doing pretty well!! Ricardo the pea eating mysis shrimp
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Back to skool playlist by Addie : Sad studying, a playlist by Addie Wilson on Spotify
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    Excited About House Plants

    Back to school... check out the giant plant wall at Carleton
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    Excited About House Plants

    Not sure about the first one. Second is orchid cactus
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    Excited About House Plants

    Update on my collection... (this isn’t all of the plants I own... I have more high light ones on windowsills)
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    Excited About House Plants

    It’s just a normal avocado I used to make guacamole!! I got the vase from ikea for 99 cents. I think doing the toothpick method increases the chance of rot (and decreases chance of success)
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    Excited About House Plants

    pilea peperomioides has been doing sooooo much better since I moved it from my plant shelf in the kitchen to the [N] facing window in the living room. It used to have circles falling off and yellowing all the time. I even thought about throwing it out... ouch, it’s been growing so rapidly now...
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    What’s Wrong With My Polka Dot Plants?

    probably too much water not enough light I would just put them in terracottas or something in a bright area
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    Excited About House Plants

    My avocado has finally sprouted !! Also I visited my bros in collingwood (7+ or so hours away from me in Ottawa) this weekend. I bought my brother a beautiful mature jade for his office (it was only 15 cad and was already woody)
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    Black Sand

    huh, not really sure what else to suggest then for ya...
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    Another Filter? Power Head?

    it's not a bad idea to throw in a giant sponge filter too
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    Black Sand

    pretty sure TSC would have it
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    Question Who Has Hacked A 1 Gal. Aqueon Tank Filter?

    I feel like its a better idea to just use some sort of sponge filter, I can't imagine a motor tiny enough to fit in a one gallon filter being very effective (teeny tiny rotator blades?) just get a small sponge filter and air pump

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