Was in tank this morning. Found on floor at 9 pm
  • Aqua Hands

what happened!?
  • Babyboo

sorry, i wrote a big explanation and its gone. Basically my friend has a small tank with neons and two dojo loach I think they are called. He went to work at lunch time with all fine and came back at 9 with this on the floor. it was a speckled colour. he lives alone, no pets and a secure tank. We are wondering anout the colour? Could it be decomp so early?
  • TexasDomer

Dead and dried up fish dojo. Dojos should not be kept in a small tank.
  • Babyboo

Well it was recommended by the shop owner. What do you mean by your first sentence?
  • TexasDomer

I was stating what it was. A dead and dried up dojo loach. The color is from it drying up.

Unfortunately shop owners are often just trying to make a sale. We can help you with your stocking if you're interested.
  • Carolyn Johnson

So sorry

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