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Freshwater Invertebrate Species

This is where you will find the most common and most popular freshwater invertebrate species to be kept in freshwater aquariums. Use caution when stocking these freshwater invertebrates because some can be food for the fish and some of them will be the fish eater!

Freshwater Invertebrates

Cambaridae Camburus
Crayfish, Crawdad
Although it is a very cool invert to keep, it is not suitable for community tank setups.
Palaemonetes sp.
Ghost Shrimp
A smaller shrimp that likes to scavenge. Keep only with smaller sized fish species.
Pomacea bridgesii
Inca Snail
Freshwater snail that does a decent job grazin on algae. They may also need supplemental feedings.
Neocaridina denticulate sinenis
Red Cherry Shrimp
The cherry shrimp is fairly hardy and adapts to a wide range of water conditions.

Author : Mike FishLore

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