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Coral Reef Zones

Ah, the coral reef. The beautiful coral reefs of the world are often the primary motivators for people getting into the saltwater aquarium hobby. So, let's talk more about coral reef zones and start with some of the different areas of the coral reef. When researching the corals you're interested in keeping in your home reef tank you'll often come across various terms explaining coral reef zones. There are several to know about for our purposes. We don't cover all the zones here, just the ones where most of the corals we're keeping are found most often on the reef.

Knowing which part of the reef your coral comes from can give you some insight into some of the captive care requirements, or helpful hints if you will, of what you need to do to get a particular coral to grow and thrive in the home aquarium. As always, please research all corals before you buy them for your reef tank setup to determine if you can adequately provide for them.

Photo courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey

Let's talk about some of these reef terms.

Coral Reef Types

Coral Reef Zones

Coral Reef Zones Video

Armed with this information we can sort of figure out what type of conditions may be helpful to replicate in our reef tank for the corals we keep. Now, go research those corals!

Author : Mike FishLore

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