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Saltwater Fish and Aquarium Books

These are some of the best saltwater aquarium books available. Check out the reviews before buying them.

Everything you've ever wanted to know about invertebrates and algae for a saltwater aquarium along with information on setting up refugiums.
Reef Invertebrates Guide
The Coral Reef Aquarium - From Inception to Completion provides up to date reef tank set up information and the second half is all reef tank profiles with tanks ranging in size from 25 gallons all the way up to 20,000 gallons!
Coral Reef Aquarium - From Inception to Completion

The New Marine Aquarium tackles everything you need to know for successfully running your own saltwater tank. The author talks at length about the benefits of live rock as the bio-filter in a saltwater aquarium. He also talks about ways...
New Marine Aquarium
The Book of Coral Propagation details nearly every aspect of keeping, growing and propagating corals for fun, profit or both.
Book of Coral Propagation
The Complete Book of the Marine Aquarium covers all the details of setting up and maintaining a marine (saltwater) aquarium. Most of the main, most important topics are covered at length.
Complete Book of the Marine Aquarium
This saltwater aquarium book, Saltwater Aquariums for Dummies, does a fairly good job of covering what you need to know about saltwater aquariums with some added humor.
Saltwater Aquariums for Dummies
A nice pocket sized book that you can take with you to the store so you don't make any ill advised purchases when stocking your saltwater aquarium.
Marine Fishes, 500 Essential to Know Aquarium Species
A very nice resource for the reef tank keepers out there. Read this before you purchase any invertebrates for your tank .
Marine Invertebrates - 500 Species Pocket Guide
The Conscientious Marine Aquarist by Robert Fenner is a fantastic read. Mr. Fenner has been in the trade for many years and knows how to educate the inexperienced and experienced alike.
Conscientious Marine Aquarist
Natural Reef Aquariums is geared towards those interested in starting their own saltwater reef tank. Starting a reef tank can be a very expensive ordeal and even more expensive if you don't know what you're doing.
Natural Reef Aquariums
Reef Secrets is an ideal book for hobbyists currently keeping saltwater tanks that may be considering taking the plunge into a full fledged reef tank setup. It covers nearly every topic for reef keepers.
Reef Secrets
If you are interested in starting a saltwater reef aquarium it's a good idea to do some research first. The Simple Guide to Mini-Reef Aquariums is a good starting point.
Simple Guide to Mini-Reef Aquarium
The Complete Encyclopedia of the Saltwater Aquarium by Nick Dakin is very large book, weighing about 4 pounds and consisting of 400 pages of saltwater information.
Complete Encyclopedia of the Saltwater Aquarium
Ultimate Marine Aquariums by Michael Paletta is a compilation of detailed reviews on the tanks of 50 very experienced reef tank keepers. The reef keeping hobby has made some tremendous strides in the successful keeping of LPS and SPS corals over the past decade.
Ultimate Marine Aquariums
If you're the least bit interested in breeding any of the available clownfishes, then this book, Clown Fishes, is a must have. The author, Joyce Wilkerson, discusses every thing you could ever want to know about breeding clownfish in the home aquarium.
Clownfish Care and Breeding
If you've been keeping saltwater tanks for some time and have been thinking about transforming your fish only tank into a full blown reef tank, Aquarium Corals should be on your list of must reads. A saltwater fish tank can be quite expensive and a reef tank even more expensive.
Aquarium Corals
The Mini-Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes is thick! It has over 1,000 pages and weighs over 3 pounds. This book can be a good resource for identifying many different marine fish species. There are many, many species represented with full color photos of each.
Mini-Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes
A concise handbook on planning, stocking and setting up a nano-reef tank. This book covers important aspects of running a nano reef.
The Nano-Reef Handbook
A good book to help the reef tank keeper in identifying some of the more commonly available soft and stony coral species.
Corals Reference Guide
This aquarium book is geared towards those wanting to hone their creativity skills when building, designing and aquascaping an aquarium.
The Inspired Aquarium
This saltwater aquarium book is all about Tridacnid Clams and their care in aquariums. Loaded with great clam pictures and helpful information.
Giant Clams in the Sea and Aquarium
One of the best selling aquarium books of all time! It's on the third edition and provides up to date information on saltwater aquarium keeping from aquarium setup to breeding marine fish information.
Marine Aquarium Handbook - Beginner to Breeder
An up to date book on the degradation of the world's coral reefs. Provides in depth information on the stressors and what we as humans can do about it.
Coral Reefs in the Microbial Seas
Angelfishes and Butterflyfishes is a detailed reference on most of the fish commonly available in the aquarium fish hobby for the included fish families.
Angelfishes and Butterflyfishes
Learn how to get your own coral frag farm up and going from someone that is actually doing it.
Practical Coral Farming
If you are interested in setting up a reef tank you will be hearing about all sorts of new terms that you may not have known about when keeping a FOWLR saltwater aquarium. Learn all about marine water chemistry with this book.
Marine Chemistry
For those saltwater hobbyists that want to take it to the next level and learn about some of the more advanced topics.
Advanced Marine Aquarium Techniques
Provides around 45 different saltwater aquarium models or designs to help get your creativity flowing when setting up a new saltwater aquarium.
Saltwater Aquarium Models
The Baensch Marine Atlas Volume 1 contains about 1200 pages of aquarium setup, care, stocking and profiles on saltwater fish, anemones and invertebrates.
Baensch Marine Atlas Volume 1
These Baensch Marine Atlases are like pocket guides on steroids. Volume 2 contains about 730 pages of invertebrate and coral species information.
Baensch Marine Atlas Volume 2
The Reef Aquarium book one of a three part series. These are a bit older but still excellent reading.
The Reef Aquarium Volume One
A fun little book on how to breed a few different saltwater shrimp species.
How to Raise and Train Peppermint Shrimp
This book is huge. It covers all you ever wanted or needed to know about reef building corals.
Corals of Australia and the Indo-Pacific
A book all about lionfish and other scorpionfish species. Available in both paperback and in kindle format.
Lionfish and Scorpionfish

Author : Mike FishLore

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