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Updated August 12, 2019
Author: Mike - FishLore Admin
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If you're looking for a home made DIY Aquarium Algae Scraper you've come to the right place. Are you trying to get that encrusting coralline algae or the red algae off the front viewing panel of your aquarium? Sometimes even the green algae can be tough to scrape off. No matter how many times you go over it with that magnetic algae scraper it just won't come off! Grrr. Sounds like it's time to come up with your own device for algae control.

This DIY algae scraper works on red marine algae, green algae, brown algae or any others that will grow on the fish tank glass. This tool is only recommended for glass tanks. Do not use this on an acrylic tank!

This is a very easy DIY (do it yourself) project and should only take about 20 minutes or less to make one of these homemade scrapers. Granted, this tool isn't very pretty, but it does a great job on that hard to scrape algae! You will need the following parts:

DIY Algae Scraper Parts
Algae Scraper


  1. Measure off about a 36 inch piece of pvc pipe and make the cut with your pvc cutters or hacksaw. You could make this piece shorter than 36 inches if you have a smaller tank. We made ours this long to prevent our hands from getting wet and possibly polluting the tank water.
  2. Measure off a 3 inch piece of pvc pipe and make the cut.
  3. Stand the 3 inch pvc on end and use a knife to make a 1/2 inch cut in the middle of the pvc pipe. We made this cut by placing an old pocket knife on the end of the pvc and hammered the pocket knife blade down into the pvc until it was about 1/2 of an inch deep. The trick is to make this cut with the right size blade. You don't want to make the cut too wide or the razor blade won't stay secured. Be careful doing this!
  4. Assemble the parts together. Plug the 45° elbow joint into one end of the 36 inch pvc and then connect the uncut end of the 3 inch pvc into the other end of the elbow joint.
  5. Place a razor blade into the cut end of the 3 inch pvc.
  6. Scrape off that algae! Be very careful around the aquarium sealant that holds the glass walls together. You don't want to compromise the glue that holds your tank together! Take your time and gently use an up and down motion to scrape off that marine algae. Don't push too hard, in fact you shouldn't even need to with the razor blade.

Finished Algae Scraper
Algae Scraper

The good thing about this algae scraper is that you can change out the razor blade easily once it becomes dull. A 100 pack of razor blades is fairly inexpensive and should last a long time. Do not use this scraper on an acrylic tank. You will scratch the tank.

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