Advanced Marine Aquarium Techniques

Updated August 12, 2019
Author: Mike - FishLore Admin
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Guide to Successful Professional Marine Aquarium Systems
By Jay Hemdal, TFH Publications (2006)

Advanced Marine Aquarium Techniques

The book Advanced Marine Aquarium Techniques by Jay Hemdal is geared towards the more advanced saltwater hobbyists wanting more information on some of the less discussed topics. The author has been an avid aquarist for over 35 years and works as the Curator of Fishes and Invertebrates at the Toledo Zoo. Imagine being able to hang out with someone possessing as much experience as this author in running larger aquarium systems and asking them questions or just listening to them talk. That's kind of what this book feels like. There were several topics in this book that I was not really expecting to see but nonetheless was happy to learn about.

What was nice to see was that there were entirely new topics presented in this book regarding saltwater aquarium systems. Many books seem to rehash the basics and after you've read a couple of them you start to see a pattern developing. Not so in this book. See all the topics below.

Section 1: Environmental Quality Section 2: Animal Health Section 3: The Animals Section 4: Nutrition Section 5: The Human Element As you can tell, Advanced Marine Aquarium Techniques goes over a lot of topics. I wish some of the topics would have been covered more deeply with perhaps less detail on some of the obscure fish and invertebrates found in the middle sections of the book. Still, I definitely enjoyed reading it and would recommend it to anyone wanting to learn about the topics presented. I give it four stars: 4 stars

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