What's In Your Fish Tank?
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Name: Christa
Experience: Less than 1 year
(28 gallon hexagon)
2 angelfish 2 gourami 2 mickey mouse platys 2 long finned tetra 3 neons 1 pleco

Christa's Hexagon Fish Tank Christa's Fish Christa's Angelfish

Name: Jordan Phillips
Experience: 1 - 5 years
(125 gallon freshwater)
1 clown loach, 1 blue crawfish, 1 pictus catfish, 1 bala shark, 1 tiger, 3 golden gourami, 1 green puffer, 2 angelfsh, 1 pleco and a couple of live plants

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Name: Harleygirlct
Experience: More than 10 years
(46 gallon bowfront freshwater aquarium)
Freshwater community tank.

Fish Tank Silver Dollar and Gourami

Name: Tracy Rogers
Experience: Less than 1 year
(55 gallon freshwater aquarium)
Freshwater - Fish Only
Fish : 2 golden gouramis, 2 flame gouramis, 4 schooling fish (can't remember the name), 1 longfin blue ram, 2 kribensis
Comments : This is my first tank besides my little bowl for my blue betta. I've had some problems(ick). I've learned my lesson and now LOVE my tank!

Fish Dwarf Gourami
Krib Cichlid Kribensis Cichlid
Freshwater Aquarium

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