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Name: Lisa Coburn
Experience: 5 - 10 years
(29 gallon freshwater)
zebra danios, neon, black, and glowlight tetras, spotted cory cats, glass catfish, glass fish, assorted med size tetras, a pleco and one male crowntail betta.

Lisa's Fish Tank

(Betta tank)
male crowntail and another betta in a divided tank.

Name: Brenda
Experience: 5 - 10 years
(55 gallon freshwater)
1 Red Bellied Pacu, 1 Pleco, 1 Black Skirt Tetra 5 years old. (I know. He's a survivor!)

Brenda's Fish Tank Red Belly Pacu

Name: Paul
Experience: More than 10 years
(49 gallon freshwater)
5 jellybean cichlids, 2 african lace catfish, 1 kuhli loach
Tank Comments: Use both a Penguin cascade filter and a Cascade canister filter. 10% water changes each week includes vacuuming of gravel. All plants are real.
Photos: (click for larger)

Paul's Aquarium

Name: Calv
Experience: More than 10 years
(72 gallon freshwater fish only)
2 Plecos, Black Ghost Knife, Flying Fox, 10 Neon Tetras, 2 Tri Color Sharks, 2 Flame Tetras, 1 molly, filtering clams, 4 Gold Snails, and about 9-10 Shost Shrimp. Oh and a couple baby cats!
Tank Comments: Bow Front, 250 Watt Jager Heater, 2217 Classic Eheim Canaster, Power head
Photos: (click for larger)

Calv's Bowfront Aquarium
Bowfront Aquarium 72 gallon Bowfront Aquarium

Name: Anna
Experience: Less than 1 year
(55 gallon freshwater fish only)
5 danio barbs, 5 tiger barbs 5 rosy barbs 2 sebea momos 2 bala sharks 1 pleco 1 flounder sucker
Tank Comments: It's a nice tank and the first tank I ever owned.
Photos: (click for larger)

Aquarium Fish Tank
Pleco Plecostomus

Name: Penny
Experience: 5 - 10 years
(35 Liter freshwater fish only)
1 male Betta, several mollies and platys, 3 zebra danios
Tank Comments: Just starting out with tropicals. But these species are not beginners for me, I truly love them and don't want to keep anything else right now tropical wise.
Photos: (click for larger)

Betta and Guppy
Betta Mollies and Platies

(30x15x15) Freshwater - Fish Only
6 fancy gold fish. 1 (soon to be 2) weather loaches.
Tank 2 Comments: Had these for 5 years now.
Photos: (click for larger)


Freshwater Planted Tank
6 White Cloud Mountain Minnows
Tank 3 Comments: A hexagan shaped tank. The minnows are a few years old but dont know exactly how many.
Photos: (click for larger)

White Cloud Mountain Minnows

Name: Alan J.
Experience: Less than 1 year
(50 gallon freshwater planted tank)
3 Brilliant Rasbora, 3 Scissortail Rasbora, 3 Cory Cats, 1 Spotted Raphael Catfish
Photos: (click for larger)

Cory on Rock Plants and Rasbora
Scissortail Aquarium

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