What's In Your Fish Tank?
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On the "Your Fish Tank" pages you will find what stocking schemes and fish other hobbyists are keeping in their aquariums. FishLore.com does not necessarily recommend these stocking schemes and for best results please do the necessary research before getting any of your tropical fish to determine the proper aquarium care and compatibility requirements.

Check out things such as the minimum fish tank size required, pH, water temperature, behavior, compatibility with other fish species, foods required, lighting, etc.

Some of these tanks may be overstocked or housing incompatible tank mates and we strongly urge you to carefully plan your setup.

Thank you to those who have shared your photos with the rest of us.

Name:  Gunnie
Experience:  1 - 5 years
100 gallon freshwater:
2 albino tiger oscars, 1 jack dempsey, 1 common pleco

Gunnie's Fish Tank - Angelfish

55 gallon freshwater:
5 koi angels, hundreds of malaysian trumpet snails

Gunnie's Angelfish Tank Picture

29 gallon freshwater:
1 red eared slider

Gunnie's Turtle Tank Picture

20 gallon freshwater:
3 buenos aires tetras, 4 yo yo loaches, 5 cory cats

Name: Chris
Experience: Less than 1 year
50 gallon:
6 columbian tetras, 5 red tetras, 5 long fin zebra danios, 1 green cory cat, 1 albino cory cat , 2 lobsters, 1 yellow snail, 2 fancy tails, 1 african dwarf frog, about 10 live plants


frog lobster lobster

Name:  Mary
Experience:  Less than 1 year
(55 gallon freshwater):
8 Neon Tetras, 2 Gold Tetras, 1 Black Mystery Snail, 1 Gold Snail, 2 Small Plecos (about 2" long), 1 Medium Pleco (about 6" long), 2 Dalmatian Mollies, 4 Swordtails (1 black, 2 orange and 1 black & yellow), 4 Serpae Tetras (black & orange), 4 Painted Tetras (1 pink, 1 peach, 1 blue & 1 purple), 1 Red-tailed Shark, 3 Angelfish (1 black and 2 yellow & black), 5 Fancy Guppies


Mary's Aquarium Photo Mary's Tank Picture

Name:  Lauren
(29 gallon freshwater):
1 pleco, 2 red wag platys, 4 serpaes, 3 red eyed tetras, 2 blue dwarf gouramis, and 2 kissing gouramis


Lauren's Tank Photo

Name:  Miguel Martinez
Experience:  1 - 5 Years
(55 gallon freshwater):
All my Fish are African Cichlid - 2 Frontosa, 2 Moorii (KaizerII), 1 Upsidedown Catfish, 1 Venustus, 2 Zebra, 1 Pleco, 1 marlieri Cichlid, 1 Albino, 1 labidocrhomis sp, 1 Pseudotropheus Socolofi


Miguel's Tank Photo Miguel's Aquarium Picture

Name:  Shenel Crooke
Experience:  Less than 1 year
(5-10 gallon freshwater):
3 rosy barbs, 1 angel, I am thinking of adding tetras


Shenel's Tank Photo Shenel's Aquarium Picture

Name:  Phanie
Experience:  Less than 1 year
(33 gallon freshwater):
6 zebra danios, 2 giant malabar danios, 2 flaming dwarf gourami, 2 blueberryskirt tetras, 1 tiger plecos, 4 live plants adding some more fish in a couple of weeks


Phanie's Tank Phanie's Tank Picture - Gourami Phanie's Aquarium Photo - Gourami Phanie's Tank Picture - Dwarf Gourami

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