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White Cloud Mountain Minnow Tips

White Cloud Mountain Minnow Profile

From: Lizard
They are a peaceful fish but can be hard to fins. Also they are very tiny and fast.

From: Beef
I got some the other day and they are great little fish. They like fighting against the current my filter creates.

From: 4WCs
These guys are hardy and wonderful for beginners... no question about how great these fish are!

From: Kathy
So far, one of my favorite fishes to keep. They are super active and real hardy.

From: Kat
I have 6 little guys and they are very happy in there big tank, they have tank mates - two rosy barbs but they all live well together. They are very peaceful fish and do not fight or scare other fish.

From: Eddy
White Clouds are the best fish that I've ever had. Great starter fish and a great community fish. Once they get used to the tank you can even hand feed them.

From: Ash
Great fish! I have 30 or more and lots of babies. They are great with other fish and great in both tropical and coldwater, but dont keep with goldfish, some fancys are ok. If you want to breed them get a small plastic tank, some gravel and lots of plants or just some java fern or moss. Lowering the temperature and feeding more live food will trigger spawning. Eggs are laid among plants and gravel. Eggs hatch between 22 - 48 hours.

From: Kass
These guys are almost too peaceful! I kept them in a tank with Guppies and one of the male guppies chased them and bit large chunks out of their tails. This stopped when I added about 8 more (origanally 7). I almost think the guppy was trying to mate with them (although there were other female guppies in the tank).

Author : Mike FishLore

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