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From: Rexx
My 3" silver dollar is driving my new 4" oscar fish crazy. It just won't leave him alone and my oscar spends the day at the bottom of the tank. They are in a 55g tank. I think my oscar needs to toughen up.

From: John
Be warned they are not as timid and peaceful as you think. I have 4 in my aquarium and several Tetras and Danios have fallen prey to them. Initially I thought the culprit was my Pleco, so I decided to take him back to my Pet Store. But once he was gone the predation continued. After consultion with my local Pet Shop, we concluded the Silver Dollars where indeed the culprits. But I still love my Dollars, incredibly beautiful and graceful, and easy to keep... just choose their tank mates carefully!

From: TheNeeMan
I had a silver dollar that was about 4cm when I bought it and now is triple that within 4 months - "fast growers". I have now just picked up another three after reading some of the comments on this site, I didn't have any problems as he was happy swimming along with the tiger barbs and Angelfish but I thought I would give him some friends of his own type. I feed mine a variety of frozen blood worm and beef heart which he loves. Its great watching him run off with the cube and the barbs wrestling it off him.

From: Miranda
I have 3 silver dollars. They're about 4 inches. I love the way they look. I've had them for about a year now. They don't bother any of my other fish and eat almost anything I feed them. They get scared easily, though and one seems to be more dominant to the other 2. I think it's because their group is small. But I mostly think it's because he might be a mix with a silver dollar and something else. He doesn't look completely like a silver dollar. He's somewhat aggressive towards the biggest silver dollar and is a pig. When I feed them frozen cubes of brine shrimp he gets the whole cube. Its annoying.

From: Carol
I've had 6 for nearly a year. Love these fish and they've gotten along with everything. My black skirt tetras get along great with them and I've even had neon tetras with them. Tips of all their fins are red and it looks like I ended up with all males so will get more.

From: Don
I have four Silver Dollars that I have had for at least 18 years! They got to be about 3" in diameter; two years ago we moved and put them in a new tank same capacity (70 gallons) but taller and not as long. They started growing again - some more than others - but the biggest is now about 4.5 inches. Their behavior matches the descriptions perfectly - they go berserk if my wife approaches the tank; also sometimes if I approach too suddenly. They clearly know me - line up at the wall giving me the evil eye if I sit down in the room without feeding them.

From: Khrystal C.
My silver dollar ate my plecostomus. What happened to peaceful, gentle, and graceful?
Silver dollars are herbivores primarily and it's highly unlikely that they ate your pleco. More likely your plecostomus died of other causes and the silver dollars were just nipping at the carcass.

Author : Mike FishLore

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