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Corydoras Catfish Tips

Corydoras Catfish

From: T. Barnett
I would not suggest taking your cories, or any fish, out of their tank by hand as it can cause stress to the fish. They also have a mucus layer that prevents illnesses and acts as an immunity of sorts, by touching your fish, you can break this down or completely dissolve it, thus resulting in the death of your fish.

From: Brent
I've got cories with my Betta in a 10 gallon tank and they all get along wonderfully. I would dare say that cories can get along with anything... unless it is a highly aggressive species!
From: Mick
I have 6 corydoras and they live in a cave made out of pebbles that I got from the beach. They get along with all my others fish and do a great job cleaning up the tank floor.

From: Carter
I have a single cory cat and he gets along fine with my mollies. He even schools with them. Corys are great fish and get along with anything. I even saw a friend keep one with a betta!

From: Petey C.
I have 3 albino corydoras, and noticed that one of them was growing much quicker than the other two. Not long after I had 70 - 80 eggs stuck all over the inside of my aquarium. I thought it was great! She layed her eggs so quickly! But not even 12 hours later and they were all gobbled up. I have bala sharks, platies, guppies, snails and 3 suckermouthed catfish and I'm not sure which one was the culprit. So if you have eggs, and you wan't them to survive, please remove them asap.

Author : Mike FishLore

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