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Tiger Barb

From: Roger
Great site! I love my Barbs, I originally had 2 and 1 died, for around a week he was a nightmare! I got 3 more and now they have integrated in my tank just fine with 2 Bala Sharks, Siamese Fighter (male), 2 dwarf Gourami, 2 Pleco and a hand full of Red Cardinal Tetras.

From: Kim
I have just one Tiger Barb. It seems very healthy after 3 months, but it is dominating my tank (all the others are very docile)! I just added an Angel and it's getting very nasty. I hope getting more will calm it down. I'm glad to read of other's success.

From: Miranda
I have 4 tiger barbs. I started out with 3 but one became more dominant and chased the others into the corners. And he was the smallest of the 3! So I bought 2 more. They seemed to mellow out immediately. I had the five for a year but recently one died of an unknown cause. Its best to keep them in a school of perhaps 4 or more. They don't pester other fish and aren't pigs. They are very nice fish as a group.

From: TheNeeMan
Hi guys great site, I have 7 green and 8 standard in my tank and have had some nipping on a few of my newer silver dollars but I wouldn't swap these little gems as they love to swim past the front of the tank. These are great fish and I highly recommend them.

From: Amy
Hey, I originally started off with 4 barbs in my tank an unknowingly introduced some guppies, and let's just say it didn't work out, but I've had my tank for a while now and sadly only have 2 of the barbs left. Luckily 1 male and 1 female, and they don't seem to bother any of my other fish now at all as they are too busy chasing each other. I now love these fish and highly recommend them as they are the most active in my tank and great to watch darting about.

From: Derek
After a visit to my lfs they said that about ten tiger barbs would go well with my neon tetras. How wrong they were. Next morning after addition there was carnage, not a tetra left standing. After this they now fly around the tank like lunatics all day but don't bother the dwarf gouramis or mollies.

From: Josh
I got three tiger barbs to cycle the tank with. One wasn't doing so well to begin with and he didn't make it. As for the rest, one chased the other CONSTANTLY until the poor bugger up and died. So now it's just the one fish darting around the tank. He definitely knows when it's feeding time because he comes right up to me. Once the tank is cycled I'll probably get more slowly (as not to upset the ecosystem) up to about 6.
Please don't use fish to cycle an aquarium. There are many more humane and faster ways to cycle your tank. Please read the aquarium nitrogen cycle article for ideas.

From: Albert
Hey, I just got a new tank, and the directions told me to start with one-third of the total number of fish I'm going to have in the tank. Since I have a 10 gallon tank, I started with 3 tiger barbs, but I keep reading that you should keep them in shoals of 6 or more. So should I go out and buy the other 3 or should I just wait it out.
I would say that you're already fully stocked with 3 tiger barbs in a 10 gallon tank. If you want to increase the maintenance chores (partial water changes) then you could add a couple more, but I'd just stick with the fish you already have and not overstock your tank. It'll be so much more enjoyable. Consider getting some live aquarium plants that will work with your aquarium light setup.

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Author : Mike FishLore

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