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Tiger Barb

From: Dennis
Tiger Barbs do fine in larger groups where they will display their aggression toward each other and form a pecking order. My males tend to chase the females around a lot and confine them to certain quarters in the tank. Lively addition to an aquarium but even with a small group individual fish can be nippy with other fish, especially when young.

From: Julz
I have 4 in my community tank and find them to be quite content with other fish. I have them with two gouramis (dwarf gourami), a few tetras (cardinal tetras) and a red-tailed shark (is that its name?). They will eat absolutely anything... now they've grouped into 2 sets of two, living on either side of the tank.

From: Alex
I have 5 tiger barbs, which are very agressive at times with each other. They live with 6 other cichlids, so their dominance over the tank is limited. But yet they are really fun to watch.

From: Justin
I bought 5 tiger barbs and the next day when I woke up, I discovered them all to be aggressively fighting each other. One was floating around with missing tail fin and two seem to be adrift with missing side fins. It freaked me out and I returned them all to the store for a refund. I bought several black skirt tetras and they seem to be a peaceful family.

From: Alyson
I have four tiger barbs, such fun to watch. We have named them Kellogs, Snap, Crackle and Pop! Ideal name for such enthusiastic fish. They are in with a Siamese Fighting Fish called Kato, no tail nipping there.
Alyson - yikes, watch those tiger barbs closely. Mixing in a Betta with these notorious fin nippers is inviting trouble and you will need to separate them from the betta at the first sign of nipping or aggression.

From: Stephen-Atlanta
I have 12 tiger barbs and 6 albino tiger barbs and they all school together very well and never seem to bother anyone. I love the action they give the tank and the fact that they roam the various regions of the tank instead of keeping to a certain depth as some other fish naturally do. I fully agree with the sites recommendation of not keeping these with slow moving fish, other than that these are a prefect addition to the tank.

From: Mazen
I think they want to feel that they control the tank. I bought 2 and they were a pair and I added 2 more. They are nice to each other and I am thinking to add 2 more... I have 1 male 3 females so far and the guy in the store told me to get more females if i don't want troubles. So, I guess males are always trouble makers! LOL

From: Eric
I purchased 4 tiger barbs about a week ago. When they first entered the tank they picked on my cory for a while, but they now leave him alone. I also have 6 Zebra Danios and the tigers seem to leave them alone as well. All of my fish are about the same size, and I think that's the main goal (if you have semi agressive fish). The only problem I have had is recently one of the smaller barbs ate the whole fin off of my other barb? I can see the fin of the other barb in his stomach, hopefully it will digest and the other fin grows back. -Barb TAMER!

From: Julia
Make sure you don't get neon tetras, guppies or bettas. You could put them with gouramis, other barbs and sharks, cat fish, large active tetras, and silver dollars. They love bushy plants. I have 1 tiger barb and it seems just fine. I'm trying to get him to be a really happy fish. He really loves to sleep and he is really doing well but keep an eye on these great fish.

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Author : Mike FishLore

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