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Red Tail Shark

From: Justin
One morning I woke up and found my red tailed shark in the filter. I just put him back in the aquarium, I had to put something to keep him from going there, they are very good jumpers.

From: Kyle
My red tail shark is mixed with a rainbow shark. They didnt get a long at first but then I put more driftwood and plants in there. They now can hide from each other, although the red tail is the dominate one. They also surprisingly get along with my serpae tetras. Strength in numbers maybe, at 12. I have a very active tank.

From: Anthony
I bought 3 red tail sharks just recently and are in my 55 gallon tank. They are sharing the tank with 3 tiger barbs, 2 goldfish, 3 Giant Danios, and a pleco. At first they were a little wild but have now settled down and just explore the tank.

From: Eric
I bought 2 red tails today put them in a 46 gallon tank with 6 tiger barbs and 3 silver dollars and 2 bala sharks. All fish are small. The two red tails got acclimated after a few hours then one started abusing the other one. I'm just going to keep them in there. I'm not going to return a 2 dollar fish. I'll add another rock for them to hide in.

From: Grant
I was given a rainbow shark by a friend and I already had a red tail shark. The red tail shark chased the rainbow shark for a while, but now they are fine together.

From: Brian
I recently got a red tail shark and have him in a 35 gallon community tank. Sounds pretty dumb I know, but its not bad at all. He is in with some danios, a swordtail, balloon molly, and 2 angels. He just hangs out in the cave and seems to go over everything as if he's cleaning it. It's quite fascinating. He does chase the angelfish occasionally but he only playfully chases for a little while then settles down. All the fish still seem to be doing real well with his addition and I will be adding more fish soon. The red tail is definitely one of the more docile sharks and I haven't seen that much aggression out of him. I recommend getting one, they're a joy to watch!

From: David
My red tail black shark was the last fish to go into my 50 gallon tank. I already had 6 tiger barbs, 6 harlequin rasboras and three clown loaches. At first my tiger barbs nipped at his fins but he soon put a stop to that by chasing them and nipping them back. So now they all live together peacefully and he seems to be good friends with my clowns, sharing the cave with them he doesn't seem to be territorial at all until feeding time when he keeps all the other fish away from his favourite plant while he eats off it. I love my new shark and would recommend anyone with clown loaches getting one. Hours of entertainment.

From: Dave
My red tail liked to jump up into the filter when I first got it. I think it is too big now but it use to swim quickly against the flow coming out of the filter and jump inside the filter box. I noticed this one day when he was missing. I thought for sure he had jumped out but to my suprise I looked inside the filter box and there he was.

From: Gee
I have a red tail shark and pretty much he is the only fish that has survived out of all the fish I started with. He is the sole survivor as you put it. I have it in a tank with tetras, and catfish. He and the catfish seem to have it out every now and then, but other than that, he's fabulous and my favorite.

From: Inch Worm
I have a red tailed shark with two clown loaches in a 20 gallon. They swim together as a group and seem to be best buds. I have tried to add other fish (i.e. larger rainbow shark, gold barbs, and cichlids), and have had to remove all eventually after my much smaller red tail attacked all of them. I am planning to upgrade to a 90 gallon tank soon and hopefully then I could keep other fish. I have managed to keep several ghost shrimp without trouble. He seems to patrol the tank while the loaches eat and runs off all others that come looking for food. He seems content to scavenge the leftovers. My favorite fish!

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