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Red Tail Shark

From: Katy
I have two red tail sharks and they actually enjoy each others company. I took one out to quarantine it because it got Ich and the other one seemed a little lonely and was searching for its friend. Maybe I got lucky? They are great fish to have. I would recommend them to anyone.
You have been lucky and this experience is not the norm. Most of the time they will not tolerate each other's company.

From: Matt
My Red Tail is in a 20 gallon tank with a number of tetras, catfish, and a Betta... worst combination ever? Surprisingly no. They get on considerably well for both being agressive fish. They'll have a wee nip at each other if they get too close, but they mostly tolerate each other.

From: Ray
I have a red tail shark and he has been very aggressive in the past. He used to live in a 29 gallon tank but I have him in my 75 gallon tank now. There is a yellow severum that about 10 - 12 inches and a 7 inch chin strap and another fish that I don't know what it is, but its about 6 inches and a cichlid of some kind and 6 giant danios, a common pleco and a blue botia. The botia and the red tail are about the same size (4 - 5 inches) and they sometimes fight. I never had any problem with the red tail jumping out. He is a beautiful fish.

From: Bridget
I didn't know about the jumping thing, so that's a handy thing to know! But I definitely found that from the time I entered my Red-Tail into my tank with a couple of Barbs, he made a cave his home and is very territorial over it! I definitely recommend putting something in your tank for your Red-Tail to hide in!

From: Perry
I have a 240 gallon tank. 2' X 2' X 8'. I have 6 Red Tail Sharks in it. I had one for a longer period of time and is much bigger as it grows fast in such a large tank. He has a favorite spot in an old ship wreck and will chase the others away from time to time. They all do well together, and have noticed that they like to swim next to each other and sort of cuddle. In other breeds it's a sign of spawning. Would like to try and spawn at some point, but the way it sounds might be easier to buy them, LOL.

From: King Dojo
I first got my redtail shark about 5 months ago and he is already 4 inches. He is great for cleaning algae off plants and is not a fussy eater. When I got him he was in a tank with about 15 others in a LFS and they all were busy chasing each other around. So I thought this was common playful behaviour and got two. I soon relized it wasn't and the dominant one harrassed the other one till it was dead. So now I know. I also got an albino red finned shark and he also harrassed it to no end. But now that there are no other kinds of sharks he is satisfied to just try and intimidate the venustus cichlids. He's the king of the tank and the albino red finned shark is happy in his new home.

From: Justin
I have 2 red tailed sharks, 2 rainbow sharks, a rhino pleco, common pleco, 2 koi's, 6 tiger barbs, 4 freshwater crabs and a blue freshwater lobster in a 60 gallon tank.

At first the fish all got along fine, then one of the red tailed sharks basically took over the tank bullying everyone. One of the koi nipped his fin and now he won't bother them anymore. Yet "Maverick" as I call him torments the other sharks relentlessly. I think I may take him out and put him in his own tank with an oscar and a pleco.

I have lots of hiding spots, but maverick still seems to run everyone out of them. I wouldn't put redtailed sharks in pairs or even more then 1. Let this beautiful fish be a loner.

Thanks for the comment, but I'm sorry to say that your 60 gallon tank is way overstocked. Koi is a coldwater species and mixing tropicals with coldwater species can stress out the coldwater species if the tank temperature is kept too high, not to mention the waste loads generated. Koi can reach 2 - 3 feet in length as adults and the plecostomus can get over a foot in length. Also, an adult Oscar may look at the red tail shark as a nice snack. Yikes - please research before buying fish.

From: Steve
These are great fish, one of my favorites but they are semi-aggressive and anyone introducing them must realise this. Mine is a female (it has a grey stomach so I presume it's female) and is highly active and getting big. She chases anyone that goes anywhere near her lair (a plastic pagoda ornament lol). She has never harmed or killed any other fish. It is purely for show, but I will warn you, mine absolutely despises the two silver shark I have and chases them when ever she sees them. This may not be the case with all of the species, but it's something to take into consideration. Overall a great fish that I highly recommend.

From: Anna
I have a red tail shark in a 60 Liter tank with a silver shark, a couple of rock shrimp and a few glowlight tetras. To begin with my red tail would chase the silver shark but he doesn't bother so much any more; sometimes they even seem pretty friendly. They are territorial though and he likes hiding in his little castle.
Anna - a 60 liter tank (around 15 gallons) is going to be much too small for your silver shark Balantiocheilos melanopterus. Please consider getting a much larger tank or return the silver shark. They needs lots of swimming room and can get much too large for a 60 liter aquarium.

From: Kevin
I have had my RTBS for over 9 years. He is about 4.5 inches long and I have had him in a 35 gallon tank for the last 7 years. He was less than an inch when I got him and I kept him in a plastic tank on my dresser. He has out lived all my other fish. He's great, I highly recommend having this fish in your tank.

From: Heidi
I recently moved my Red Tail shark to a different aquarium in my bedroom. When I woke up this morning, no shark. He was a jumper. Jumped out last night and we didn't find him in time. RIP 07/13/07

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