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From: Mike
I have two tiger oscars and a red. Yes, these are aggressive fish, HOWEVER sometimes they will somehow actually tolerate a small fish in the tank. Believe it or not but I actually have a Cory Catfish (maybe an inch long) that has been living in the tank with my oscars for almost two years. It is my belief that once a fish is accepted into a tank it will for the most part be ok. My two tigers are 12" and 9" and my red oscar is about 8". This is not a recommendation to put small fish in your tank but just a comment that somehow some fish can pass muster and be accepted. My cory cat will swim up and down right in front of the oscars and they don't give him a second thought. If I put tuffies or goldfish that are the same size and\or color they get eaten. I just put a baby Jack Dempsey in there (about an inch long) and they show some interest but he seems very adept at hiding so far.

From: Natalie
I have a 8 inch albino oscar, the love of my life, he is the sweetest thing in the world. He lives in a 180 gallon tank with an irridescent shark, pictus cat, jack dempseys, jewels, convict cichlids, and a breeding set of green terrors. He's like the daddy when the rest have an issue he takes care of all the problems. He is my puppy!

From: Clay
I got my first oscar and I love him. He is only about 2 inches but he will eat anything that can fit in his mouth. He loves to jump out of the water to get food from my hand!

From: Warren
I had a pair of Oscars getting ready to mate and they play-fought to test each others strength. Unfortunately, one of them swam out of the tank, busting open the glass top. Tops must be secured or a mating pair will end in disaster.

From: Fleet
I have not had an Oscar in over 5 years, but I am going to get one or even a pair this week. They are fun too watch and they are one of the smartest fish around and can be very aggressive. My uncle got me in to them when I was about 8 years old. He had a very big Oscar and his cat stuck his paw in the tank and the oscar took a nice bite at it :) One thing I must point out they eat alot. Small Oscars and big ones and over feeding them will kill them, so keep that in mind!

From: Kaz
Hi there. I have just recently bought my first Oscars (possibly a breeding pair), Fat and Fin... I am feeding a high protein diet, with earthworms as treats. (They did have a nibble of the boyfriend that didn't believe that they would BITE!) The first earthworm I dropped in the tank they surveyed for some time. Now, they eat them before they hit the bottom of the tank... and no more boyfriends in their diet.

From: Drewski
I have a red and an albino oscar in a 55 gallon tank and they are great fish. I feed them feeder fish once a week, pellets, blood worms and brine shrimp. I try to give them the best variety of protein I can. I had 6 tiger barbs, now I'm down to 3 in 6 months. I had the tiger in the tank first, so I thought they might make it but I guess not. They also like to pull my blood worm feeder off the side of the tank and play with it, its so funny to watch.

From: Pablo
I have always known about Oscars but only recently bought one (Gary). I can truly attest to their entertaining behavior and much enjoy buying snack fish for him, it keeps him occupied, fed and me entertained. What a great fish.

From: Usher
I just bought my oscar and the bast*** just ate all my other fish. My small fish cost me 50 dollars and he ate them all. Even I don't have a $50 meal.

From: Michael
I recently bought 2 Tiger Oscars for my 55 gallon tank and they are doing great together. I bought them very small so they could grow up together and they seem to be pretty friendly towards each other. I have not noticed either one trying to be dominant. One question I have is, I have 2 Aqua Clear 70 filters as my filtration system and is this ok? I check the water ever week and all conditions are great. The fish are very healthy and have great coloration, I just want to make sure that I have a good enough system for them.
The aquaclear 70 is rated for 30 to 70 gallon aquariums and having 2 of them on your 55 gallon should be fine. Just remember to stay on top of those water changes and rinse filter media in discarded tank water during water changes.

From: Bec
I have 2 oscars, one is about 10-12 inches and the other is only about 3 inches. They are in a tank with a pleco (15 inches), a swordtail, catfish (9 inches), 2 angelfish, a lobster yabbie, a crimson tide an some feeder fish and feeder yabbies. They are all getting along very well probably because they are fed well. My large oscar will tap the side of the tank to let me know he is hungry and the others get excited by this. I feed them a native pellet and feeder worms, but they only get feeder worms when they chase my hand up and down the tank as I don't want to overfeed them. I also have a ball in their tank for the oscars to play with.

From: Josh
I am a runner of a neighborhood freshwater aquarium, which we set up in an old agricultural goods shop. It consists of only two rooms, one to the front and one to rear, and we have oscars as one of the main attractions. These fish are great and people love them!

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Author : Mike FishLore

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