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From: Primo
A few years back people had a misunderstanding that Oscars eat feeder fish and actually they will and be fine , but there is no nutrition in feeder fish. If you buy them from a pet store they might have a fish disease and could transfer to your Oscar, so I would recommend pellets, frozen shrimp, flakes, peas, lettuce, broccoli, earth worms, blood worms, crickets etc. You can also give them crushed vitamins. vitamin C, E and maybe vitamin B?

From: Chris
You should TRY live feeder crickets. My oscar Leroy goes absolutely crazy as soon as I approach the tank with them.

From: Ewolf315
22 years ago I had my very first Oscar and what a treat it was having him. They can eat and will eat everything in sight. Besides the usual feeder goldfish (25 at a time), he ate garden snakes, nightwalkers, minnows, crayfish, frogs and even gerbils. This Oscar was the Tiger variety and was 15 inches in a 55 gallon tank. One day I went to the local pet shop and decided on getting him a room mate, LOL. That was a mistake as he bit the fish right on its back, and it was a 20 inch Iridescent shark. The only other fish he was able to live with and didn't bother at all were 2 kissing fish. He lost his life when my house burned down and I sure miss him.

From: Tyler
I have 3 Oscars and they are so fun to watch. My biggest one (12" tiger) is in a 55 gallon tank with a firemouth cichlid and some electric blue haps. My other two (tigger and a albino) are in a 180 gallon. they are very curious fish that like to see what I'm doing. I feed my oscars tropical flake food, blood worms, pellets, crickets, and small fish (not feeders because they can give your oscars disease). So do not feed your oscars feeders. These beautiful fish can get hole in the head disease if you don't feed them the proper diet. Have fun with your oscar or oscars!

From: Big Daddy
I got my tiger oscar "Chancho" about 1 month ago or so, at about 2 - 2.5 inches, along with a jack dempsey which was about 1.5 inches. I keep them in a 55 gallon tank with a 9 inch pleco. I am running a penguin 330 power filter along with a fluval 305. I think filtration is very important, as Chancho is quite messy and keeping these 3 large fish can be taxing on such a small eco-system. My Chancho is now about 3.5 - 4 inches and is quite picky with what he eats, and eats out of my hand... He will actually come up out of the water and snatch it out of my fingers (totally cool). I have wanted an Oscar for so long and I am so glad I have one. Within the next year I plan on getting a 155 gallon tank, and transplanting Chancho and his friends there and perhaps take a stab at breeding Oscars. They are wonderful fish.

From: Tay
Ok, so there I was in a local department store gazing up at the poorly looking oscars in those 10 gallon tanks. Of course I pitied them and brought one home. I am planning to upgrade to a 75 gallon tank as soon as he grows out of my 29 gallon. He is in there all by himself. When do you think would be a good time to move him to the larger tank. I have heard that they will grow an inch per month. He is four inches right now. Any reply would be greatly appreciated! P.S. Is it true that they need more room growing up than when they are full grown? Thanks!
I'd move him to the bigger tank as soon as possible. You'll be providing a much better environment where he will grow even faster and stay healthier. I'm trying to understand the thought process behind the last question... Do people think that because they are less active as they mature that they need less space? I would disagree. The bigger tank you can give this wonderful fish, the better.

From: Misty
We have had our oscar fish for a year and just got another one about 3 months ago. We love them. The oldest one is about a foot long and he and my 2 year old daughter give each other good night kisses every single night. He is the best pet we have ever had!

From: Rhino
HELP! I went to the pet store and bought a 10 gallon tank, with all of the suitable requirements, (tank cleaner, ornaments, filter, etc.) Then I foolishly decided on a tropical fish I liked, Albino Oscar. When I asked the pet store employees, they said that a 10 gallon tank was ok for my oscar. I've since found out they grow much larger. I really Love my fish but simply can't care for one that grows that big, especially with my tank. Will stores take him or what should I do?
If you're not willing to get a much larger tank, at least a 55 gallon, please take your Oscar back to the store you bought it from and get a refund. Also, please talk to the store management about how their employees told you that Oscars would be suitable for a 10 gallon tank. The store owner/manager needs to educate the employees on this... This is bad business and a good fish store wouldn't have sold you this fish.

From: Hans
Recently I bought an oscar. When I got home it was just laying on the bottom. I thought he was dying from the shock of the move. I had six guppies in with him and he didn't even touch them. The next day I woke up and looked at him. There were only 4 guppies left and by the afternoon all six were gone. He began to eat anything I offered and he even nibbled my finger! Just goes to show you that patience is key. I just needed to give him time to adjust to his new environment, that's all.

From: Dawson
I find that if you keep oscars in a small aquarium that they will become more aggressive. But if you house them with the right amount of space they will become less aggressive. I have 3 oscars - a huge 14 inch oscar a 8 inch one and a 5 inch oscar. They all live in a 200 gallon fish tank. I can pet them to. This might not work for all people but it has always worked for me.

From: Cuervo
Hi, I just joined the web page because I love having an Oscar. If I had known how wonderful these fish can be as a starter fish I would have bought one sooner! My albino tiger Oscar has an affinity for fingers and loves to be petted while he eats. I have so far only fed him bloodworms and pellets but after tonight and reading all the posts I will give him some crickets and some shrimp.
Please be very careful doing this. Oscars may nibble or bite.

From: Trevor
Oscars are great! I have a tiger oscar and a green terror in a 55 gallon aquarium and they get along great. All I really need to do is grab another heavy duty HOB (already have one). I would really recommend picking one of these bad boys up if you are willing to put the time into it!

From: ms_omg25
I just got my first Oscar and he is wonderful! I have him in a 125 gallon aquarium and he swims all over and actually DOES greet you! He ate all my guppies though... lol.
Yep, to be expected from this cichlid.

From: John T.
Well, I've had oscars for 2 years. They are great to have in the house. They live long and grow about 13 inches so you will need about 55 gallon tank or higher to live in and never put any fish that could fit in their mouth because they will eat them. They will greet everyone that comes near the tank.

From: Jordan
I have two tiger oscars one which is about 13 inches the other is about 14 inches and they live in a 75 gallon tank. I've had them for 7 or eight years now. Their diet consists of protien pellets and complete cichlid frozen meat. Their tank mates are 3 jack dempeseys, 4 chocolate cichlids, 9 silver dollars, and various catfish. I've heard oscars live up to 10 years but I'm hoping to break that record!

From: 3 Oscars
I have three Oscars in a 125 gallon (6 feet long) aquarium with one large sucker fish. All are 14 to 16" long, including my sucker fish which looks like a dragon now. He's huge, lol. I have had them all for 6 years and only feed them pellets. I use 3 canister filters which pumps 1,100 gallons per hour. I never use carbon, only bio media and filter pads. I change 25 percent of their water only once a month. The filter pads are also changed once a month, but not at the same time I change their water. I do not rinse thier bio media, ever! (keeping good bacteria alive is extremely important) I also use Purigen bags and use twice as much as recommended. Argonite sand is mixed in their gravel as well. The Purigen, sand, and 3 filters seem to keep the nitrates low. I may check their water for nitrates only once every six months and it always comes out great. A 125 gallon aquarium is usually too small for fish as large as these, but they have 6 ft. to swim and excellent filtration!

NOTE: When I first got the Oscars, as babies, I had a 55 gallon aquarium with 1 filter. NOT ENOUGH! Then I bought a second canister filter to help out. The two canisters helped tremendously with nitrates, but the Oscars were getting aggressive towards each other the larger they got because they did not have enough room to swim around. Then I bought the 125 gallon aquarium when they were less than 1 year old! I was finally able to enjoy my Oscars and it was clear to see they were much healthier and happier. They swim side by side along the length of the tank :) Anyone who buys cute little Oscars, beware. You need lots of filtration and a large aquarium. They are the coolest fish when they are big, healthy, and happy. Everyone "aw's" over my Oscars and can't believe how large they are.

From: Carl
My Oscar is the opposite. He won't eat the green pallets he only eats Red ones.I have african and south american cichlids and they all get along and My oscar has his own personality. If I seat at my computer and don't look at him, he bumps the side of the tant until I look at him. He is my favorite fish.

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